Arthritis FAQs

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a group of over 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions that cause inflammation, pain, swelling, and stiffness in joints. The most common type of arthritis is called rheumatoid arthritis and it is a chronic autoimmune disease.

Osteoarthritis also known as degenerative joint disease, results from the wear and tear of everyday life.

What causes the pain, swelling, and stiffness?
Cartilage normally protects the joint, allowing for smooth movement. Cartilage also absorbs shock when pressure is placed on the joint, like when you walk or otherwise bear weight. Without the usual amount of cartilage, the bones rub together, causing the pain, swelling, and stiffness.

What else could cause joint inflammation?
Inflammation is sometimes caused by a broken bone, infection (usually viral or bacterial), an autoimmune disease (the body attacks itself because the immune system believes a body part is foreign), and from general wear and tear on the joints.

Will the pain ever go away completely?
With some injuries and diseases, the inflammation does not go away or the amount of joint destruction results in long-term pain and deformity. Treatment, therefore, aims at reducing your pain and discomfort. When this happens you have chronic arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of chronic arthritis and is more likely to occur as you age.

What are the most common sites of pain?
The most common sites are the hips, knees, fingers, and shoulders.

Can Children use TriRelief™?
Yes, children ages 2 and up can use and apply it 2-3 times a day safely.

What are the signs of arthritis?
You could experience joint pain, joint swelling, stiffness (especially in the morning), warmth around a joint, redness of the skin around a joint, and a reduced ability to move a joint.

What else, other than age, can cause my arthritis?
Some other contributing factors to arthritis are: being overweight, previously injuring the affected joint, and using the affected joint in a repetitive action that puts stress on the joint such as typing, ballet, tennis, baseball, and construction work.

Is your product only good for arthritis?
No, you can also use our product to relieve the pain from: Bursitis Sports injuries, neck pain, elbow pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sore muscles, back pain, shoulder pain. knee pain, ankle pain, and hand arthritis.

Do you have to be elderly to have arthritis?
No, although aging is a causative factor in many types of arthritis, younger people are also susceptible due to sports injuries, obesity, and other various injuries.

Is there anything I can do in conjunction with your product to help alleviate the pain and discomfort?
There are certain lifestyle changes that you can make such as losing weight if you are currently overweight, implement an exercise program that includes range of motion exercises for flexibility, strength training for muscle tone and to increase bone density, and low-impact aerobics can all help. It is also important to get plenty of rest so that your muscles can repair themselves. Please consult a physician before starting any exercise or diet program.

What makes your product work on arthritis?
Our unique combination of ingredients are:

  • Emu Oil: This acts as an emollient and carrier to take the active ingredients into the skin and not just on the surface. Emu Oil penetrates and reduces inflammation in joints and is a proven treatment for muscle aches and pains. It naturally contains linolenic acid; which is a substance known to ease muscle aches, joint pains, and arthritis.
  • MSM: This serves as a prime source of bio available sulfur. It improves circulation and helps to build healthy new cells. MSM ensures healthy connective tissue, increases athletic stamina, and contributes to the elimination of muscle soreness.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate: This is a proven anti-inflammatory and it is proven more effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, it protects cartilage from any premature degeneration and works directly with glucosamine when stimulating cartilage production.
  • Glucosamine HCI: This repairs, lubricates, and rebuilds worn joints and cartilage while increasing joint flexibility. Glucosamine has been clinically proven to slow progression of osteoarthritis and lubricates the joints.

How soon will I feel the effects of your product?
Because of its Emu Oil base, it begins penetrating immediately and it is fast acting action will begin soothing and relieving your pain within seconds and can be applied safely many times a day.

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