Arthritis Testimonials

Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Testimonials

Success Stories!

“It’s been Less than 2 weeks….My hands haven’t felt this good in Years.”

“I am 32 yrs old and have been suffering with CTS for over 10 years. Being cautious not to over exert my hands, over the years has been a poor attempt by me to prevent the perpetual return of numbness in my hands.

I gather, at my best, I have close to 90% of the sense, an average person has in their hands. When having it go below 50%, it takes months for the nerves to regenerate.

After using the sample and now the buying the product…it’s been less then 2 weeks and I am trying to contain my glee. My hands haven’t felt this good in years. I have pushed my hands with tasks that I know make them numb and so far my nerves are not traumatize. I actually can feel the nerves invigorated and as if they are some how fortified.

I will never be perfect, when it comes to my hands but this is a world of difference and non invasive.

I’v been waiting many years to have health insurance, so as to have the surgery. I am so glad I happened to discover tri-relief. Thank You.”

Alec H. – New York, NY – 9/6/10

“It works better than any other ointments…it is a great alternative to pain pills and Advil”

I am a paraplegic who has used your product to relieve pain in my hands and wrists and it works better than any other ointments. I have damaged my hands due to 35 years of paraplegia. I believe in your product and can honestly tell people that it is a great alternative to pain pills and Advil. It has a longlasting effect and deep penetration and one container lasts a long time.

Thomas J.-Lambertville NJ -11/20/08

“Within 15 minutes the pain was gone. After 2 days of using Tri-Relief…hand is complete pain free.”

I have pain in my hips and back. I began using Tri-Relief about 2 years ago and found great relief in both my hips and back. Recently I over exerted my right hand from painting all day long. I could hardly move my hand the next day without excruciating pain in my lower hand and wrist. I decided to try the Tri-Relief cream to ease the pain. Within 15 minutes the pain was gone. After 2 days using the Tri-Relief twice a day my hand is completely pain free.


I’m doing everything I was doing before, PAIN FREE!

wade testimonial


I was in an auto accident and suffered intensely with arthritis type of neck pains for five years. My doctor suggested surgery and I have lived with this arthritis type of pain for five years on a daily basis. I had problems riding in a car, was uncomfortable sleeping on my own pillow, and had limited movement to my neck, tried many forms of arthritis pain relief, including pills for arthritis, natural remedies for arthritis and believed that only surgery would be the answer. I experienced dramatic results with your All Stop™ Cream in only 24 hours and a month later, I’m doing everything I was doing before, PAIN FREE!


“Nothing worked…Until I Tried Tri Relief™”

John from CA

I ran daily until I could no longer run because my arthritis pain was so bad in my foot & heels. I tried different running shoes, inserts, chiropractors, doctors, rheumatoid arthritis creams & arthritis products, even arthritis home remedies and collagen pills for arthritis … Nothing worked… Until I tried All Stop™ Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Pain Cream (Tri Relief™). Within a week I was back running again with absolutely NO Arthritis PAIN!


“It has helped my pain 300%!”

Keith from Kaplan, LA

I have suffered for years seeking arthritis pain relief. I went to several doctors who prescribed arthritis drugs Celebrex & Bextra (to name a few), alternative therapies rheumatoid arthritis and nothing worked until I started using All Stop. It has helped my pain 300%!. There were days when I could not even put on my shirt and a friend had to help me. I highly recommend All Stop™ for joint pains




“My Arthritis Tool & Miracle Drug!”

Abnel From LA

I have had arthritis type of lower back pains for most of my 61years. I couldn’t sleep at night or even work in the yard. All Stop™ Arthritis, Joint & Muscle cream is my ARTHRITIS TOOL & MIRACLE DRUG!




“My Doctor…was even impressed”

Judy T. from NJ

“I ordered my jar of All Stop™ over the internet and was surprised how fast it arrived in the mail- thanks. I used it three times today and the arthritis type of PAIN IS GONE!! I showed my Doctor my jar and he was even impressed and phoned the company. I’m a believer and I tell all my friends and family about this wonderful product. Thanks for changing my life!”


“I don’t go to bed at night without it”

Felix L. from LA

“I am a 73 year old grandpa who has been suffering with arthritis type of and joint pain in my elbows, feet and knees for over 40 years. I tried every type of arthritis product, pain medicine for arthritis, arthritis home remedies and natural arthritis treatments I could put my hands on over the years and nothing I have tried has ever worked as fast and as long as your All Stop™ Arthritis cream. I don’t go to bed at night without it and I always make sure I have a extra jar so I don’t run out. I highly recommend this product to everyone.. young or old. “


“My wife and I use this cream for any type of pain we experience…”

James H. from Canada

“I have been using your All Stop™ Arthritis cream for the past 6 weeks . If I continue to experience the results I’ve experienced, I will be able to cancel my hip surgery. I am being ever so thankful for this product. My wife and I use the cream for any type of pain we experience and it has worked on all our pains so far. Why don’t doctors know about this cream? They would keep their patients pain free and offer them a better quality of life. A VERY satisfied customer.”



“It’s Been a life saver for me!”

Loiles H. from MA

“I had an accident last year. A leaning stack of plywood fell on me, pinning my legs. The accident was so serious, I was hospitalized. I have been in pain since and nothing I have got from the doctors has helped me. I have spent many many sleepless and painful nights, because of this. My neighbor came over for coffee and told me about your cream and how well it worked for him for arthritis and suggested I try it. I was desperate, so I would try anything for relief. I couldn’t believe it… I thought it was all in my head. I was able to walk around without pain for 4 to 5 hours. I had my son order me a jar from the internet and now I don’t do without this cream. It’s been a life saver for me! Thank you so much “


“I don’t normally do testimonials, but this one merits it!”

“I don’t normally do testimonials, but this one merits it! I found your product on the internet because I desperately needed relief from my arthritis. I have tried other products, but none penetrates and relieves my pain like All Stop™ does. I’ve literally used your cream on every type of pain within my household. I tried it on my son’s headaches (the temples and back of neck), on my husbands aching knees and elbow and my mother’s rheumatoid arthritis. It worked for all of them. It’s the best product I’ve found and believe me, I’ve tried all of them! Thank you.”

– Cindy T., Mississippi

“I’m so glad I found this product before Iresorted to a long painful knee surgery.”

“I have already purchased 4 jars of All Stop™ and tell all my friends about this great product. It’s almost a miracle for me. I have Osteoarthritis in both knees and my doctor has advised that I needed knee surgery. I am 67 years old and can’t afford to let this stop me. I ordered your products on line and figured it MIGHT give me some relief. Boy was I wrong! Within a few seconds I could feel the pain go away. I couldn’t believe it. I use it only twice a day and my joints aren’t even stiff anymore. I’m back to doing everything I want to do and knee pain is a thing of the past. I am so glad I found this product before I resorted to a long painful knee surgery. So, I just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful product like All Stop.”

– Frank K., Mississippi

“It really helps out on those hard work out days!”

I play a lot of sports and suffer with muscle aches and sprains regularly. My uncle Frank gave me this cream he used on his arthritis and wow, it worked fast on me! My whole team is using it now and even on bruises. It really helps out on those hard work out days!

– Chris L., Kansas

“I now stock this product in my pharmacy and I can’t keep enough in it!”

“I am a pharmacist and I have people constantly coming into my small town pharmacy asking for an over the counter pain reliever. My neighbor told me about All Stop™ and he raved about how well this cream worked and how this has literally changed his life. I now stock this product in my pharmacy and I can’t keep enough in it! The word has spread rapidly in our small town and they now call it “Joe’s Cream”. (Sorry All Stop) Your All Stop™ arthritis cream is the best pain reliever I have ever come across.”

– Joe G., Louisiana

“Everyone who plays sports should know about this cream”

“I play a lot of sports and it’s not uncommon for me to experience a lot of muscle pain or sprains. I keep a jar of this product in my gym bag to use whenever I need it. It’s great! Everyone who plays sports should know about this cream. A very satisfied customer!”

– Karen F., West Virginia

“it took the pain away almost instantly”

My 83 year old father has been suffering with arthritis in his elbows, hands and knees for years. I found this cream over the internet and took it to him. He was shocked to find that it took the pain away almost instantly and how fast it absorbed into the skin and without any smell. He’s told all his Sr citizen friends about his magic cream!

– Maxie L., California

“I’m not limited to what i can do anymore”

“I have been using your All Stop™ Arthritis cream for 6 months now. It is the best cream I have ever used for my pain. I’m not limited in what I can do any more and I will not be without it! I am telling everyone I know who has arthritis pain. Several have already started using it and my local pharmacist stocks it in his pharmacy now! ”

– Ken F., Alabama

“The most wonderful product we have ever used”

“Both my husband and I suffer with painful arthritis. I have it in my hands and my husband has it in his elbows and knees. This is the most wonderful product we have ever used. I highly recommend this product to anyone with any type of arthritis, muscle or joint pain. It really does stop the pain in seconds like they claim it does! ”

– Susan M., Washington

More Carpal Tunnel Success Stories

“You Made a Believer out of me… No More Pain!”

I was very skeptical about buying something from the internet, but then I saw that Walgreens also carried it, but not in my area. That at least gave me a sense that you were a real company!

I’m just a woman of few words. This stuff works and it works FAST. I can now do all the things I used to do and my pain is completely gone. Believe me it works!! Thank you so much

– Susan B, Kansas

“After 5 years, Finally Pain relief”

After 5 years of Carpal Tunnel Pain… Used drugs that did not really help… I can finally go back to my passion in life… Writing… “I swear by TriRelief™. Thank You! Thank You!

– Elaine E, Canada

“My Carpal Tunnel Pain is a Distant Memory!”

Craig F. from FL

I suffered with Carpal Tunnel Pains for over a year before I found TriRelief™. My doctors gave me Vioox and other pain relievers to ease the pain, but I hated the side effects. Golfing is my love and it’s what I do for pleasure. I even moved on a golf course in florida specifically to play golf as often as I wanted to now that I am retired.

I coped by taking ibuprofen products when I needed some short-term relief. I tried my over-the-counter pills that claimed they were the miracle cure, always wore my braces, bought a FIR heating glove gadget, and did the Ultra Sound thing; nothing worked for me. I was miserable. I just couldn’t relieve now that I was retired I could not play golf.

My neighbor told me about TriRelief™ because he was using it successfully for Tendenitis pains. I remembered hearing about TriRelief™ on TV and he told me I could actually get it at a local Walgreens. By the end of the day, I owned a jar of TriRelief™. I figured if it worked for Jim, it might work for me… Well, I hoped it would work for me.

TriRelief™ began working on the first use. Within two days — I was able to sleep all night without any hand pains waking me. Two weeks after that I played 18 holes of golf with my buddies. I’m back to doing what I love to do . Playing Golf.

As of today, 3 months later, my Carpal Tunnel Hand Pains are just a memory. I’m shocked at how quickly it worked for me, but most of all, it relieved the inflammation so much that I no longer suffer with hand pains.

“I can now pick things up and bend my hand…”

I treated my left hand/wrist several times for carpal tunnel syndrome according to instructions. After suffering for months with this condition with literally no use of my left hand, it is now at least 80-90% better than it was. I can now pick things up and bend my hand backwards without pain or spasm up my forearm. I am impressed. Thanks for a great product.

– Robert M

“I have gained approximately 80% of my feelings and strength back in my hand”

In the past, I treated my right hand and wrist several times for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with several different over-the-counter medications. I don’t have insurance and can’t continue to afford going to the doctor when his recommendations and prescriptions don’t work. I have been suffering for months with this condition. I basically don’t have any use of my right hand. Since using TriRelief™, I have gained approximately 80% of my feelings and strength back in my hand. I can now use my hands to open door knobs and jars without pain. Thanks for a great product. I’ve recommended it to several people in my family.

– Brian T, Louisiana

“By Nature… Pretty Skeptical Person From Experience… I’m a Bonafied Believer!”

By nature, I’m a pretty skeptical person, especially ordering something from the internet. I had my doubts about its effectiveness and the ability of a cream being able to do what other products and gloves had not been able to do, which was to relieve my carpal tunnel pain. Over the last few years I’ve tried oral medications, FIR special gloves, over-the-counter natural oral pills and a anything else I saw or heard about.

As a musician, I use my hands a lot and I earn a living with my hands. I can’t really play with a brace because it gets in the way. TriRelief™ is nothing short of a miracle for me. It has helped me the very first time I used it and its truly a life savor. I can continue working to feed my family; I was so worried. I’m playing my guitar pain free. I apply TriRelief™ twice a day, but at least 15 minutes before I begin to play my guitar.

I’ve passed this along to my doctor and he now recommends and prescribes it to his patients. He is also a believer of TriRelief™.

– Michael P, Louisiana

“This stuff really works and it only takes a small amount!”

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased TriRelief™ about two weeks ago. My doctor strongly suggested surgery. I was miserable. My fingers stayed numb and I could not sleep at night from my arms and hands hurting. I tried everything that I knew to relieve the pain and nothing worked. It was affecting my work.

After searching the internet and I came across your website. Your testimonies sounded conviencing and after all, you had a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I received the jar the next day and I started using the cream the same day.

The pain stopped within minutes, but I figured.. wait a minute… This must just be my imagination and I forgot about it. Surely it would not work this fast. Later that night, I was feeling pain, so I put the TriRelief™ on again… But this time it was not my imagination. It did it again.. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone again. I’m here to tell you that I am pain free, but I still have a little tingling in my fingers, but I am pain free. I am now using it 3 times a day and I am feeling better circulation in my fingers..

I’m so happy! I really think I can put off my surgery. It’s getting better and better for my by the week.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful product. This stuff really works and it only takes a small amount!…”

– Martha E, South Virginia