Athlete’s Foot Prevention

I genuinely hope you’ve got relief from your athlete’s foot. However, if you did not, I found some athlete’s foot prevention tips and immediately thought of you. Hope this helps:

  1. Launder clothes in soapy HOT water with bleach to combat fungal organisms.
  2. Use talcum powder to keep feet dry.
  3. Wear wider, roomier shoes for day to day activities to allow air circulation. Leather shoes or sandals are preferred.
  4. Wear sandals or thongs when in public pools or showers.
  5. Allow shoes to dry before wearing again.
  6. Wash your feet at the end of the day.
  7. Wear shoes that haven’t been exposed to the infection or be sure to disinfect properly. Change shoes and socks regularly.
  8. Wear cotton socks to absorb sweat, changing twice daily if you are susceptible.
  9. Spray shoes with a disinfectant and set them in the sun to effectively remove germs.
  10. Never let foot rashes (or ANY rash) go untreated.
  11. Throw away worn out exercise shoes and NEVER borrow shoes.

We understand you’re skeptical of anything new because you have tried so many so called cures. But just trust us. You have nothing to loose. Let us show you we know what we’re doing.