Athletes Foot Testimonials

“I was Surprised to see how fast it worked!”

Laura B, PA

My toe nails looked nasty! I purchased some of your All Stop™ Nail Fungal Gel and boy was I surprised to see how fast it worked!. You guys were great when I called for information. Well, within a few days my toes nails looked so much better and my toe nail grew out very healthy. Thanks a lot!

– Laura B, PA


“I got relief from itching and burning within minutes…”

Sally F. From WV

All Stop™ worked wonders to kill my foot fungals in just 2 days. I am a runner, therefore I wear tennis shoes daily. I got relief from itching and burning within minutes of using your product. I spray the insides of my tennis shoes which not only kills the fungus, but it kills the odors too. The embarrassing foot odor is gone along with the athletes foot fungus




“I spray…and have never contracted foot fungus again.”

Brent H from LA

I was amazed at how well this product works in controlling my athletes foot! I spray the inside of my shoes every day with the disinfectant spray to kill all the fungus and bacteria and have never contacted foot fungus again. Your products work great! They killed my foot fungus in only 3 days and have never been re infected.




“Too Good to Be True “

Sandi P from TX

My toe nails were horrible! I searched the net to find some relief and came across your ad. I was very hesitant to purchase your product, it looked too good to be true. Within a week I noticed a considerable difference in my toes nails and I was wearing sandals again within 2 weeks! My toenails eventually grew out very healthy.




“Within 5 to 7 days it was gone! Thank you very much!”

I had a really severe case of athletes foot for several years. I tried everything I could find and nothing would work. After soaking my feet in your All Stop™ Body Wash and using your PuraCleen Rx Gel for 3 days I noticed a considerable difference. Within 5 to 7 days it was gone! Thank you very much!

– Ken F, CA

“Saw immediate improvement within just a few days”

The fungus on my toe nails was terrible. I was embarrassed to let anyone see my toenails or my feet. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars treating the fungus on my toenails. I began using your spray 3 times a day for the first week and saw immediate improvement within just a few days. I kept my toe nails clean during the treatment and scrubbing them with a little brush. Within 7 days I could tell the fungus was completely gone. I continued using it as a prevention treatment until I saw new healthy growth on my toenails. This is great!

– Andrew B, MA

“It completely cleared it up in just 2 days!”

I’m a police lieutenant on the west coast and I wear boots everyday. Someone suggested I try your PuraCleen Rx product for athletes foot and it completely cleared it up in just 2 days! I couldn’t believe it!

– Sam V, CA

“I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! My athletes foot is gone”

First of all I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! None of the “name brand” creams I tried worked effectively. I purchased the PuraCleen Rx for treatment of Jock Itch and I have definitely noticed an improvement in just 48 hours after using it. My athletes foot is gone, also! Thanks!

-Frank L, AZ

“I Finally have the fresh, pain-free and clear feet”

My athletes foot had totally disappeared in under 7 days. I finally have the fresh, pain-free and clear feet I had always wanted. Thanks!

– Joseph M, OH

I have long suffered with fungal problems and have tried everything there is to cure them. I thought I’d just have them forever, since I had dealt with them for this long. I am amazed that my doctors (3 of them) couldn’t find a solution for me. Needless to say, I am VERY Happy with your products! Thank You!

– James R, WI

The burning under my feet was extremely painful. This followed me around for 20 years. It defied every podiatrist and their expensive prescriptions, treatments with over-the counter products and ongoing anti-fungal treatments that only removed the symptoms for a couple of days – only sometimes. It was Athletes Foot and it was NOT my friend. After many years of the constant battle, I finally discovered PuraCleen RX. I began rubbing it all over my feet, including under my feet, twice a day. I am shocked! After two weeks, I was pain free. I continue to rub lotion once a day under my feet and I have been pain free for 6 months now.

– Felix S, TX

I wanted to thank you folks for a really great product! I’ll repeat what you probably heard many times….I’ve tried everything, nothing works, until I found your product. I could feel and see the healing results within 24 hours. One week later, you would never know I had been suffering from athletes foot. Thank you so very much.

– Sheri Mooney

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