Lice During the Winter

Body Lice Are Most Common During Winter Months
Infestations of Body Lice are most common during the winter months, when people tend to wear layers of clothing, creating a warm, moist environment that is ideal for louse development. Body Lice are known to migrate to the outer layers of your clothing to survive thus treating your body is not enough to rid the infestation. You must also treat your environment.
It is a fact that Body Lice spend most of their life on clothing and only crawl onto the host to feed for short periods. Although as many as 1,000 Body Lice have been removed from heavily infested clothing, ten lice per person is probably a more typical scenario. Body louse problems are more likely to occur in situations where the same clothing is worn constantly for several days or weeks. Since Body Lice can survive away from a person for 24-48 hours, they can survive in clothing that is removed nightly but worn again the following day.