Carpal Tunnel and Obesity

Obesity and Carpal Tunnel Related
A new study by European researchers has concluded that while obesity may be a catalyst for developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, losing weight does not alleviate the symptoms, indicating that there may be a genetic link to the disorder. They also found that a squared wrist shape is conducive to the development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

“Obesity and wrist shape correlate with a higher prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome”

Medical Studies/Trials

Published: Wednesday, 20-Jun-2007

“The study clearly shows that, contrary to expectations based on the higher prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome among the obese, weight loss in obese patients does not bring relief … While purely speculative, Dr. Kaplan has suggested a genetic link between the two conditions, or a genetic profile that pre-disposes a patient to both conditions … Results essentially confirmed current reports in the literature, that obesity and wrist shape indicate a higher prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome, with a squarer shaped wrist pre-disposing a patient.”

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