Carpal Tunnel Surgery

The National Center for Health Statistics reports, “Approximately 260,000 carpal tunnel release surgeries are performed each year, with nearly 47 percent of these work-related. Carpal tunnel syndrome accounts for the highest average number of days lost at work, when compared to all other major work-related injuries or illnesses. About 1 percent of people with carpal tunnel syndrome may develop permanent injury to the affected hand. Although it is rare, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may reoccur after surgery, in approximately 5 percent of patients.”

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Video Games

Children, Video Games, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
There is much speculation out there as to how and to what extent this generation’s children will develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Today’s children are using computers on a regular basis at ages as young as 4 and 5 years old and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is suspected to be caused or aggravated by constant keyboard use.

Given this fact, it is no surprise that video gaming is now also being considered as a source of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain. Many kids spend hours per day playing video games, either online (using a keyboard) or on gaming systems (using buttoned controllers).

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Caffeine and Smoking Increase Carpal Tunnel Effects

Both caffeine and smoking slow blood flow thus if you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome cigarette smoking and caffeine consumption will further compromise circulation to your hands. Smoking also deprives injured tissues of the oxygen needed for self-repair and can significantly slow down or prevent healing of your carpal tunnel.
All of this serves to conclude that smoking and caffeine will undoubtedly worsen your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms and escalate the severity of your condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

Because Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often misdiagnosed as a variety of other hand pain conditions, we’ve put together a comprehensive list that will help you to conclude if you truly have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Waking up during the night because your hands are numb
  • Pain that radiates up your forearm
  • Hands falling asleep (an indication of poor circulation)
  • Warm forearms but cold hands
  • Decreased ability to grip items with your hand
  • Decreased sensation in fingers or thumb
  • Inability to adequately grasp objects, dropping them
  • Decreased acute motor skills in your hands
  • Shoulder and neck aches

Typing and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you type on a keyboard regularly, you should be aware of the good typing habits. Basically, you want the arm, wrist and hand to remain in a straight line. This prevents unnecessary tension in the connected tendons that run through the wrist and down along the arm.

A bend in this sequence will cause stress, inflammation and injury to the carpal tunnel. Adjust your keyboard position and chair height to ensure proper posture.

Pregnancy and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You may experience swelling of your carpal tunnel during pregnancy due to the natural swelling of the body. If your symptoms are severe, you may want to try wearing a wrist brace or taking Vitamin B6 daily to relieve some of the discomfort. You should of course first discuss doing this with your doctor.

Typically, carpal tunnel symptoms will diminish after the birth of your baby, just as swelling in other parts of your body will likely resolve after delivery. If you continue to experience numbness and pain after you give birth, see your doctor.

Carpal Tunnel and Obesity

Obesity and Carpal Tunnel Related
A new study by European researchers has concluded that while obesity may be a catalyst for developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, losing weight does not alleviate the symptoms, indicating that there may be a genetic link to the disorder. They also found that a squared wrist shape is conducive to the development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

“Obesity and wrist shape correlate with a higher prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome”

Medical Studies/Trials

Published: Wednesday, 20-Jun-2007

“The study clearly shows that, contrary to expectations based on the higher prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome among the obese, weight loss in obese patients does not bring relief … While purely speculative, Dr. Kaplan has suggested a genetic link between the two conditions, or a genetic profile that pre-disposes a patient to both conditions … Results essentially confirmed current reports in the literature, that obesity and wrist shape indicate a higher prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome, with a squarer shaped wrist pre-disposing a patient.”

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Left Handed People and Carpal Tunnel

Although approximately 30% of people are left-handed, we all live in a right-handed world. Unfortunately for the left-handed population, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can develop from the left-handed person’s tendency to overwrite (writing with their wrist in a hyper-flexed position) or underwrite (holding the wrist in a hypo-flexed position). Both of these techniques place the left-handed writer at higher risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome than their right-handed counterparts.

Left-handed people frequently develop their writing posture in either of the ways described above in order to avoid smearing as they write and/or to be able to see what they are writing as they are writing it. Right-handed people, on the other hand, don’t have this problem because writing with the right hand affords resting your hand on the pen itself, thereby automatically eradicating the problem of Repetitive Stress Injury.

The Ergonomic Mouse and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Ergonomic products are those that are designed with human characteristics in mind. Although keyboard mouse use is not proven to cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, they are sometimes considered an instigator of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain. Thus, ergonomically designed mice are one way to ease the pain of an existing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome condition. Below are a few of the highest rated ergonomic mice:

  • Logitech® Trackman
  • Marble® Mouse
  • Kensington® Trackball

Carpal Tunnel and Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic Keyboards May Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Ergonomic products are those that are designed with human characteristics in mind. Although keyboard use is not proven to cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, keyboards are often considered an instigator of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain. Thus, ergonomically designed keyboards are one way to ease the pain of an existing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome condition. Below are a few of the highest rated ergonomic keyboards:

  • Microsoft® Natural Ergonomic
  • Kinesis® keyboard

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