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Jock Itch Articles

Why All Stop is the Best Solution For Jock Itch

What can All Stop™ do for you that none of our competitors can? 1) We offer a quick and safe non-stinging solution to begin soothing the Jock Itch burning and itching immediately. Feel the relief and your skin relaxing…..The inflammation begins its healing process within hours and you see your skin returning to its natural…

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Transmitting Jock-Itch

The most common way of getting Jock Itch is by the transfer of Athlete’s Foot fungus is when getting dressed. You can get Jock Itch by having direct skin to skin contact with a person who has a fungal infection. You can get Jock Itch from contact with unwashed clothing. You can get Jock Itch…

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Reasons Not To Scratch Jock Itch

Below is some information on how scratching your Jock Itch can cause more problems for you! Although Jock Itch is extremely uncomfortable and itchy, by scratching the area, you will only prolong the problem. Pruritus (itching) is an unpleasant sensation that elicits the desire to scratch. It is a distressing symptom that can cause discomfort…

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Preventing a Jock-Itch Reinfection

Below are some things you can do to prevent a jock-itch re-infection. Baby yourself. “By covering the groin area with baby powder, you’ll help prevent the moisture that leads to Jock Itch,” says Andy Clary, head trainer for the University of Miami football team in Coral Gables, Florida.Simply sprinkle on a light dusting of powder…

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Preventing Jock-Itch

Below are some helpful tips on preventing jock-itch: Complete treatment as instructed, even after symptoms disappear. Minimize close contact with others until treated. Keep skin dry and clean. Wear loose clothing and clean cotton boxer shorts. Wash athletic supporters frequently in hot water and bleach. Do not share towels, shoes, clothing, hats or other personal…

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About Jock Itch

Jock Itch usually presents itself as a red, itchy, flat rash on the inside of the thigh area where the fold of the groin area meets the leg. Chaffing and burning sensations are also common. It will usually spread outward and downward in a circular formation. Sometimes the center area will be a lighter pinkish…

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Infections Similar To Jock Itch

Other infections can cause itching in the groin. There are several other skin problems that can cause redness and itching in the groin area. Some of the most common ones are: Seborrhea – Common inflammatory skin condition with dry, itchy, white to yellowish flakey skin. Psoriasis – Skin irritation with redness, swelling, itchiness, and silvery…

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How To Eliminate Jock Itch in 48 Hours

Jock Itch can usually be treated within a couple of days. For some people it is common for Jock Itch to re-occur; therefore it’s important to use something that will work quickly and is specifically designed to treat Jock Itch. Benzolkonium Chloride is an ingredient commonly used to treat Jock Itch effectively. The primary active…

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