Vitamin C and Skin Parasites

A cumulative effect of much research has produced the possibility that salt and vitamin C may be all that is needed to beat this elusive illness. Without going into a lot of detail, our theory is that Lyme disease treatment is not just a bacterial disease, but also an infestation of microfilarial worms. Bacteria, worms, internal mites and the possibility of other creatures have been quite horrifying.

From experimenting with the treatment of salt and vitamin C, we settled on a dosage of 3 grams of salt and 3,000 mg of vitamin C, each dose taken 4 times per day.Depending upon one’s weight this would approximate one gram for each ten pounds of body weight. We think total daily dosage should not exceed 18 grams of salt or Vitamin C per day, and 15 grams would be the average adult’s dosage for a full 24 hour period.

If the pills cause a problem they can be crushed or dissolved in water. To get an idea of the dosage, one teaspoon equals 5 grams; thus, one tablespoon would equal 15 grams. Please remember to drink plenty of water. The brand of salt pill they use is CMC (Consolidated Midland Corporation), NDC#0223-1760-01, ordered through a pharmacy (no prescription required).

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Using Vinegar for Skin Parasite Treatment

Many of our customers report they use vinegar full strength on the skin to reduce the activity. They claim it helps a lot and they rotate using the vinegar one day and our Antiseptic Gel the next day.

Numerous studies show that a straight 5 percent solution of vinegar such as you can buy in the supermarket removes 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold, and 80 percent of germs (viruses).

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Commonly Reported Symptoms and Signs of Morgellons

1. Change in visual acuity.

2. Numerous neurological findings. A variety of neurological symptoms have been reported. Some patients have been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis, and other well-known and recognized disorders, while others display significant symptoms not falling into any well-defined neurological category.

3. Gastrointestinal symptoms, which may include dyspepsia, gastroesophageal reflux, and/or changes in bowel habits often similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

4. Neuropsychiatric symptoms and signs, ranging from mood or personality changes to diagnosed disorders including Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and occasionally frank psychosis. Temporal relationship to skin lesion onset is not known.

5. Acute changes in skin texture and pigment. The skin is variously thickened and thinned, with an irregular texture and irregular hyperpigmentation pattern. The changes resemble age associated sun-exposure skin damage, but typically appear acutely.

6. Skin examination often reveals excoriated and/or crusted lesions which, on examination with lighted magnification, are seen to have inclusions of variously colored (white, blue, black, or red) fibers. Skin examination may also reveal multiple hyper-pigmented macules, and an increase of what appears to be villous hair on arms and face.

7. Arthralgias are reported by many patients.

8. Associated diagnoses which have been commonly reported in this patient population include Borreliosis (better known as Lyme Disease), Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Skin Parasite Treatment Suggestions

DRINKING WATER: Drink purified or distilled water instead of spring, bottled or well water.

SOAP: Use sulfur based soap with lanolin when showering or bathing and rotate using the All Stop™ Rejuvenating Body Wash one night and use the Sulfur soap the next night.

DIET: High protein or Candita diet. The high protein diet is primarily not to add any more sugars or bacteria into your body and the high fiber diet is primarily to work with the parasite cleansing process.

IRON SUPPLEMENTS: We believe that the springtails deplete your red blood cells; taking iron supplements daily would help with the fatigue symptoms. The average daily recommended amount of iron for men is 12mg and for women its 18 to 20mg. That is why women may experience more activity from the springtails around the time of there period.

IMMUNE BOOSTER SUPPLEMENTS OR LIQUID: Immune Boosting supplements are necessary to fight this war that you are in and the sooner you boost your system the better.

Food grade Amorphous Silica type of DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: is great when used internally and externally.

INTERNALLY: Diatomaceous earth acts as a sort of scrub down of both the large and small intestine, down through the colon. Therefore, when you include food grade Diatomaceous earth to your daily diet, you should feel an improvement after 30-90 days on this regimen. All Stop™ has two sizes to offer you.

EXTERNALLY: Commonly used on carpets, rugs, mattresses, window sills, shoes, on pets, in the home or outside on the turf. Our customers even use it as a talc powder on their skin or even in their shoes.

Six Signs of Morgellons Disease

1. Skin lesions, both spontaneously appearing and self-generated, with intense itching. The former may initially appear “pimple-like” with or without a white center. The latter appear as linear or “picking” excoriations. Even when not self-generated, lesions often progress to open wounds that effectively treat abnormally and usually incompletely. (e.g., effectively treat very slowly with discolored epidermis or seal over with a thick gelatinous outer layer.)

2. Crawling sensations, both under and on the skin surface, often conceptualized by the patient as “bugs moving, stinging or biting” intermittently. Besides the general dermis, Morgellons may also involve the scalp, ear canal and body hair or hair follicles. The sensations are at times related to the presence of easily seen insects, arthropods, and other human and non-human associated parasites that require serious attention from the observing clinician.

3. Fatigue significant enough to interfere with the day-to-day activities.

4. Cognitive difficulties, including measurable short term memory and attention deficit, as well as difficulty processing thoughts correctly, described by patients as “brain fog”.

5. Behavioral effects are common in many patients. Many have been or will be diagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. A minority do not show this pattern. Almost all, if previously seen by well-read physicians without prolonged observation, will have been labeled as “Delusional Parasitosis”. Temporal relationship to skin lesion onset is not known.

6. “Fibers” are reported in and on skin lesions. They are generally described by patients as white, but clinicians also report seeing blue, green, red and black fibers, that are fluorescent when viewed under ultraviolet light (Wood’s lamp). Objects described as “granules”, similar in size and shape to sand grains, can occasionally be removed from either broken or intact skin by physicians, but are commonly reported by patients. Patients report seeing black “specks” or “dots” on or in their skin, as well as unusual 1-3 mm “fuzz balls” both in their lesions and on (or falling from) intact skin.

Reducing Parasite Activity on Your Scalp

MITACTIN SALVE– The parasites don’t have a chance with our Extra Strength Mitactin Salve. It’s 3 times stronger than our Mitactin and PENETRATES deeply to reach the parasites in the scalp. Our Salve is not a pesticide and begins working immediately. The Salve is commonly used in your ears and also used on the hard nodules usually located just under the ears. The nodules seem to disappear and the pain goes away.

The Mitactin Salve comes in a 2oz and a 4oz size and we do currently take special orders for the 1/2 gallon size.

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Medicated Skin Cream– Works particularly well on head lesions if suffering from Morgellons Disease symptoms. Morgellons test associates report significant reductions in swelling and itching as well as “excretions of white masses” from effected areas within minutes of application. This was followed by “bumpy” or hard discolored areas returning to normal skin texture and color, allowing associates to resume normal activities.

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Another tip is rotate…. Using Selsun Blue one day and the Rejuvenating Body Wash the next day. Remember these bugs hate Liniment, menthol and camphor. So mix this in with your All Stop™ products and rotate their use. Our customers regularly report that they must swap out their regimens because what works today may not work tomorrow and what didn’t work yesterday may work again in a week.

Tips To Treat Parasites

HERBAL PARASITE CLEANSE: Begin using an internal herbal parasite cleanse immediately. We now offer a proven successful parasite herbal cleanse. It has been our experience that a heavily infested person may need to do more than one bottle. Going forward, you should consider a parasite cleanse once every 6 months.

CLOTHING: These parasites tend to prefer natural products; therefore wearing fabrics such as polyester or any other synthetic blend would result in less activity on your body. We have found, even when washing your natural blend clothes in borax, the springtails still survive!

All Stop™ now has an anti-fungal cleaner that eradiates all traces of parasites from your clothes. Bag up all plush material items that are not used on a daily/weekly basis. Never, never, never wear the same clothes twice.

Observations of Patients with Skin Parasites.

1. Most patients will have sought care from multiple medical care providers. A large number will have been diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis likely because of the juxtaposition of unexplained skin lesions and sensations and psychiatric overlay. Unfortunately, almost none will have received an appropriate diagnostic physical examination (particularly a microscopic or biopsy examination of lesions), but will have been diagnosed by history alone with grossly incomplete observation.

2. Most of these patients feel abandoned by the traditional medical care system and have sought alternative care providers or have self medicated, seriously compounding an already difficult medical situation. From laboratory to other diagnostic evaluation to date, there have been no formal laboratory or imaging studies done in this patient group.There are some reasonably consistent clinical findings, however, that need further examination, in controlled studies, to be corroborated or refuted.

Removing Parasites In Your Clothing

Tip #1: Our Purple PuraCleen Xtreme Cleen has proven itself after many months of testing that this formula is strong enough to get these bugs out your towels, from your clothes, sweaters, jeans, socks, etc. Our Xtreme Cleen is an anti-fungal cleaner that eradiates all traces of parasites from your clothes. Getting rid of these parasites from your clothes is very difficult, but not any more. Try it for yourself and see. Use 2oz for each wash load. You can order our Xtreme Cleen by the single 1/2 gallon or you can SAVE by ordering by the case (4 in a case).

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Tip #2: Amonia can also be used in your Laundry; however it is not quite as effective. Use 2 cups to a wash load along with your regular laundry detergent. Wipe your dryer vent down with the Amonia also and also your washer and dryer for BEST RESULTS.

These parasites tend to prefer natural products; therefore wearing fabrics such as polyester or any other synthetic blend would result in less activity on your body. Bag up all plush material items that are not used on a daily/weekly basis. Never wear the same clothes twice.

Cleaning Your Environment When Treating For Skin Parasites

It’s no secret with this parasite skin disease, cleaning your environment is a “must” or you will continue to get re-infested. Below are some tips for cleaning your skin parasites.

Mattress: All mattresses must be covered in a plastic mattress cover. This is extremely important because the Collembola will leave your body while you sleep and go deep into the mattress. Disinfecting is very important. We recommend purchasing a sprayer to make your disinfecting chores easier. Most stores such as Home Depot or Lowes has them in the garden department. Click here for QUEEN size mattess cover , KING size mattress cover and TWIN size mattress cover.

Bedding (sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and comforters): It is necessary to use products that are strong enough to eliminate all traces of parasites in your laundry. All Stop™ has formulated a laundry, carpet and mold treatment solution that has proven to get these out of your laundry in just 1 washing. Ask for more information.

Laundry Room: Dirty laundry is a source of bacteria and fungus that supports parasites. Do not allow laundry to pile up. Laundry room is a source of humidity and moisture that attracts parasites. Dry cleaning does not get rid of Collembola. You my consider sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth in your dirty laundry.

Towels: All towels & wash-clothes need to be washed in our All Stop™ Laundry, Carpet, and Mold treatment solution.

Clothing: All articles of clothing should be washed in our All Stop™ Laundry, Carpet and Mold treatment and then heated in the dryer and then stored in vacuum sealed plastic bags. Springtails love to hide in the seams of clothing so you want to make sure that you are removing the ones in your clothes.

Shoes: You should spray shoes with our All Stop™ disinfectant and then sprinkle diatomaceous earth in your shoes. This will stop any of the springtails that are living in your shoe linings. Perfect for keeping your shoes dry and keeping the parasites out of them and off of you! We highly recommend that you never walk barefoot. Wear sandals or flip flops at a minimum.

Belts/Hats/Scarves/Coats: All items that are worn or carried by you should be treated in a dryer on high for 20 minutes or cleaned with disinfectant.

Area / Throw Rugs: Get these out of your home or sprinkle diatomaceous earth on them. Rub the diatomaceous earth into the rugs.

Carpets: Get these out of your home or sprinkle your carpets with diatomaceous earth, especially around the base boards, and rub into the carpet. By rubbing the diatomaceous earth into the carpet, you don’t end up walking on dust; however it serves as great solution when controlling parasites in your carpet or rugs. You experience less bites and you have more control of keeping these parasites off your feet and legs! Sprinkle diatomaceous earth any place you can in your home and outside your home, lawn and car.

Tile or Linoleum Flooring: Hard surface floors need to be cleaned everyday with our hospital grade disinfectant after being thoroughly vacuumed.

Wood Flooring: Wood flooring can be damp mopped with a disinfectant solution and then cleaned with Orange Oil or Murphy’s Oil and then the rags cleaned and dried immediately or any paper towels that were used, disposed of immediately.

Cloth Furniture: Get these out of your home, rub diatomaceous earth in the furniture or stay away from this kind of furniture.

Computer Area: You will want to treat your computer chair following the above directions for furniture. You also need to wipe down any wrist pads, mouse, etc down with disinfectant. Make sure you treat any floor pads that you may have under your computer desk. For some reason, these parasites love computers. Burn inscense near your computer; the springtails hate the smell and leave!

Pet Areas: Make sure that you also clean and disinfect any areas that your pet may inhabit as they make a great carrier for the springtails. Rubbing diatomaceous earth in your pet’s fur is a great help also.

Car: You should take the floor mats out of your vehicle. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth any place you can in your home and outside your home, lawn and car.

Office: If you work in an office, you will need to disinfect your office chair and floor also.

Cardboard Boxes: Get rid of any old stacks of newspapers, magazines, books, and cardboard boxes. These are made of organic matter that breeds bacteria and fungus. Collembola thrive in this material.

Garage: Clean up clutter and wash down with a disinfectant or a bleach solution. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth where applicable.

Washer & Dryer: Disinfect daily. You can easily get re-infected from your washer and dryer. The lint trap is critical. Some customers threw a handful of diatomaceous earth in the dryer to assure there are no parasites remaining in the laundry.