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Poison Ivy Articles

Tips on Avoiding Urushiol Oil

1. Once the oil has been removed, the rash from poison oak or poison ivy is not contagious. The oozing blisters are not contagious, although they look like they should be. 2. As long as the oil is no longer present, scratching does not make the rash spread. Scratching can cause secondary infections and also…

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Quick Action Against Urushiol Oil

Dealing with the itch from poison ivy can be very stressful. So many people each year have an allergic reaction several times during the poison ivy, oak & sumac season. Quick action is needed when you suspect you have come in contact with the Urushiol. Because Urushiol can penetrate the skin within minutes, there’s no…

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The Dangers of Poison Ivy

1. It’s important to identify where the poisonous oils are on your body within a few hours of the incident because the urushiol oil chemically bonds with the proteins in your skin about 30 minutes after contact. 75% of the population is effected by contact with urushiol, although immunity to urushiol today does not assure…

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Banana Peel Home Remedy For Poison Ivy

Try the inside of a banana peel; this usually helps a bit more if the sores have been broken, but it dries up the ivy’s effects rather quickly with continuous use and if the sores are kept clean. Just peel a banana and smear the inside of the peel on the affected area, and bingo,…

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About Urushiol Oil

In its pure form, the amount of Urushiol Oil you could fit on the head of a pin could make 500 people very miserable. Because Urushiol is oil, and not a water based fluid, it does not evaporate; therefore it can linger for at least a year. It will cover what ever it comes in…

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