Child Eczema Flare-Up Prevention

Flare-ups worsen when there is an excessive bacterium on your child’s skin. By controlling the bacteria, you child may no longer suffer from flare-ups and All Stop™ is your answer. Dermatologists understand that bacteria buildup on the skin can lead to serious Eczema flare-ups and it’s important to understand how the flare-ups can be minimized or eliminated completely by controlling the bacteria on your child’s skin. That’s why so many Dermatologists refer their patients to All Stop™ for Eczema.

We understand how to control these flare-ups, once and for all, and our formula is gentle for babies and children to use, but strong enough to get rid of the Eczema on their skin.

All Stop™ offers Short & Long term solutions!

Short Term Solutions:

  • Quick healing of your child’s damaged broken skin.
  • Relieves your child’s itching immediately.
  • Adds a moisture barrier to protect your child’s skin.
  • Saves you time and money from unnecessary doctor appointments and trips to the pharmacy & gives your child more time to just be a kid.

Long Term Solutions:

  • Controlled severe outbreaks. Your child doesn’t have to suffer any longer because our products will protect their skin from damaging bacteria that
    causes outbreaks.
  • Our products work when antibiotics fail. There is no chance that your child’s body will build up a resistance to or immunity against our products.
  • Our unique proprietary blend was specifically formulated by Dr. Manual for Eczema. Its primary function is to rid your child’s skin of the embarrassing sores & rashes that have robbed them of enjoying their childhood.