Child Eczema and Quality of Life

For children who suffer with Eczema, there are many resulting factors that affect their overall quality of life. Of course there are the physical complications: the pain of itching, burning, sensitivity to hot and/or cold, etc. But there are also social and psychological effects that children suffer when they have Eczema: embarrassment in their appearance, being teased or bullied at school, inability to play sports that require sweating or outdoor activity, etc.

A recent study by UK scientists found that children who suffer from Eczema rate the effect on their quality of life the same as those with life-threatening illnesses, like Kidney Disease.

OXFORD , UK – July 18, 2006

“When they compared the overall results for the children with skin diseases and chronic illnesses, the researchers found that the condition that had the worst affect on quality of life was cerebral palsy at 38%. Generalised eczema and kidney disease both scored 33%….’Although skin diseases may not shorten life in the same way as serious conditions like cystic fibrosis, they can cause children as much, if not more, distress in their everyday lives.'” To read the complete article, please click here.