Eczema Skin Irritants Reports

Clothes using synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester or wool tend to irritate the skin, latex, rubber and plastics should be avoided without protective cotton liners. Cotton and linen clothing and bedding are best. Residual detergents in clothes and bedding are irritating, so use less detergents and double rinse. Soap flakes (e.g. Ivory snow) may be less irritating than laundry detergents. Fabric softeners are discouraged and should be perfume free if used.

Gloves should be used to protect from water and detergents. PVC gloves are recommended for wet work and the use of cotton gloves for potentially dirty work around the house and garden will minimize the need to wash hands.

Contact with soaps, detergents, shampoos, conditioners, perfume, shaving creams as well as make up should be kept to a minimum. Soaps are alkali and are drying.

Make-up should not be applied to weeping lesions. Perfume – free cosmetics are advised and trial applications of cosmetics to small areas of normal skin before applying on to the face.

Bathing is allowed but luke warm water should be used. Washing with non soap cleansers are encouraged. Hot water, hard water, salt water and chlorinated water should be avoided.

Bubble baths should not be used. Pat dry and do not rub. Moisturizing after bathing is a must in order to retain water in the skin.

Avoidance of conditions that cause perspiration certainly is helpful in the control of eczema. Exercise should be performed in cool well ventilated areas. Multiple short sessions are easier on the skin.

  • Soft cotton clothes
  • No wool or polyester clothes
  • Double rinse clothes
  • No fabric softeners
  • PVC gloves for wet work
  • Cotton gloves for housework
  • No soap
  • No perfume