Eczema Testimonials

“…already, my skin is less bumpy and less itchy!”

I ordered this once before & was “Amazed” at how it helped with my symptoms of Itching, Sores, Dryness,Redness, Scars etc. due to having this awful Eczema ! Nothing else I have tried has ever worked before…… Thank- You so much for making Products like these that help people like me & others to Relieve some of the discomfort & pain from this terrible skin condition !!!
Best Regards,

– Sherene W. Sunnyvale, CA

“…already, my skin is less bumpy and less itchy!”

I’ve been wanting to write this for years. I had a horrible bout of excema several years ago, though I didn’t know what it was at the time. I just suffered with it. While in Florida, I had another bout. I looked up the symptoms up on the internet and found out it was excema. It was a sad time for me because I missed taking my daughter to Disney World for the first time (she was just in her Princess years). My hands and face were itching and swollen so badly that I couldn’t go. The heat in Florida didn’t help. So I found this website and found out that excema was a bacteria. Did not know that. My husband was skeptical, but I ordered the products anyway. I CAN NOT tell you how wonderful they are. The problem that had been with me for a week or so, (even though I missed the park) was actually gone in a few days. Since, I have used the program with my daughter when she has even a slight skin problem, and I have shared it with friends too. And today, I woke up with similar problems that I had in Florida. A rash on my hands and my
jaw. I have been using the system all day, and already, my skin is less bumpy and less itchy! I actually placed another order for the kit that includes the spary. I can not thank you enough…. I was hurting sooooo much before… hands were peeling and itching so badly, I thought I’d lose my mind. That time, and anoher time with my daughger and then again today, your product has made a HUGE difference. Thank you so much for a great product!! If anyone is out there looking for relief from excema,
either you, somone in your family or your child……..don’t think you’re taking a chance on this, just buy it! It works! I hope to get back to Florida so see Disney again with my daughter…….
Thanks again, SOOOO much

-Patty B.

This Cream is AMAZING…within the first 24 hours I could see a huge difference!”

I am writing this letter to tell you Thank You. My daughter is 4 months old and since the day she was born she has had baby eczema so bad it looked as if her skin was burning from the inside out. She would not sleep throught the night because her skin itched so bad and she would scratch all night. We ordered this as a last resort before we put her on steroids. This cream is AMAZING… within the first 24 hours i could see a huge differece!!! Today is 3 days later and my beautiful girl has her skin back. She is so much happier and i couldnt thank you enough. I will tell everyone about this cream it is a MIRACLE. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Amie and Lyric G.

“…I thanked her as I felt the tears build up in my eyes.”

My son Kevin, has had bad eczema since he was born. I tried everything to help clear it up but nothing worked. Then I came across your product and tried the free sample. It seemed to work right away so I jumped at the chance to order the Proecza Cream. The day I received the cream in the mail, I ripped open the package and immediately applied it to his face and behind his knees. The next morning when I got him from his crib, his face was so much clearer and there was no blood on his sheets from him clawing at his face all night!! He no longer scratches behind his knees with his toes and leaves his face alone as well. Now Kevin is nine months old and I can finally see his baby skin again! His skin literally healed overnight. A few weeks ago my husband Chuck, Kevin and I went to dinner and the waitress made a comment about what nice, soft skin Kevin has! I thanked her as I felt the tears build up in my eyes. I feel like every time he looks at me and smiles he’s saying “Thank you Mommy for making the itch and pain go away!” Thanks you All Stop for allowing me to bring such relief to my son. I can’t imagine life without your product!

– Kristen, Buffalo, NY


“…within a week…There has been a dramatic change in her life…”

I just wanted to let you know that within a week of using your products on our Grandaughter her skin was clear as a whistle. I can forward photos if you like before and after. There has been a dramatic change in her life, from red raw inflamed skin to beautiful soft baby skin. Amazing to us and so many others have commented as well. Miracle do happen. Have just made another order well before I run out.

– C. Kaiser, Toowoomba, Australia




Tracy Gregory’s 6 month old baby had a severe case of Eczema since he was 1 month old.

After just 2 days of use, he’s sleeping all night and not itching. His skin is back to his normal baby skin. Thank you so much, All Stop, for your products.




Lana from Northburg Tennessee says that ProEcza™ is Absolutely a Miracle!

Lana’s husband has had eczema for a long time. It was so bad she Literally had to change the sheets to their bed every morning! It’s a Miracle! They are so Thankful for All Stop™ products.

Jenny from Central Florida says her families QUALITY of LIFE was affected by her babies Eczema!

Jenny’s 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with a Severe Case of Contact Eczema. Her Eczema symptoms are much better, she itches less and she even sleeps all night now!

Brandi’s little 2 year old son had a severe case of eczema.

ProEcza™ cleared up his skin right away and now its the smoothest that its ever been since he was born! It cleared up so fast that there was no time for before and after pictures!



Parker previously suffered with eczema since he was an infant. Every thing his mother tried didn’t work and he constantly itched.

“His eczema completely cleared up within 48 hours and he has been free of eczema now for 6 months. I continue to bath Parker in your Body Wash daily. Thank you”

– Cindy North.








“Sammy, my 5 year old suffered with Eczema for about 2 years before I found your product. It affected our entire family and my only wish was for Sammy to be rid of this horrible curse. Your product has made a huge difference for Sammy. First of all, the products worked right away! The redness and flaky skin was gone almost immediately. Four days later the eczema, redness, flakiness and puffy inflamed skin was not even present. I took Sammy and your product to the dermatologist and he was shocked at how well they worked and I believe he has made further inquiries with you. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering with eczema. It worked for us and you owe it to yourself to at least try it. ”

-Virginia Campbell, Tennessee







“I would like to take this opportunity to say that you have brought a smile to my son’s face again. For that, I would like to thank each and everyone at Q-Based Healthcare™. I will be forever grateful.”

Bettye Davis-Genwright
from a little town in North Carolina.

* Testimonial submitted when our older division, DermaTechRx, was still active. DermaTechRx, a division of Q-Based Healthcare™ has been replaced by All Stop™. For more information on this change click here.

“Trusting my friend I order a sample and I used it and I saw immediate results.”

I wanted to touch base with you and let you know how WONDERFUL and AWESOME my experience has been with this skincare regimin for my 1 one year old. I called you last week after he had a terrible flare up on Thursday and I was hoping that this would not just be an addition to our $100 collection of home remedies and creams. IT IS NOT! You hear testimonials all the time from people and you just aren’t sure if you can trust them, this can be trusted and the attached pictures are my living proof. This arrived on Friday (the day after I ordered) and he was miserable. I took the before pictures Friday around 2 PM, just before the first treatment. I noticed a difference immediately. These after pictures were taken this morning
(Monday) around 7 AM. His skin has NEVER been “baby soft” and now, his sandpaper skin is gone, the sores are healing and I am the happiest mother because I’ve found relief. He smiles when the cream hits his skin, he doesn’t wake up itching any longer. I can shout this from every rooftop and I only wish everyone knew about this wonderful product. – Elizabeth

“Trusting my friend I order a sample and I used it and I saw immediate results.”

I received my sample of the ProEcza cream and wash. My son in 7 months old and has been suffering with eczema since he was four months old. He never sleeps through the night because he is awakened by the itching of his skin. He is a special formula and the doctor suggested using cortisone for the itch. The cortisone cream broke him out and his eczema was getting worse especially in the heat. I am a first time Mom and I needed to help my son ASAP. I would rub him down three time a day with special creams bath him with cheetah and equator soaps but it was not helping. I even tried switching his formula, but he broke out with hives. I was discussing his skin problems with my Pastor’s Wife and she said her granddaughter has eczema but you would never know it because her mother uses this special cream. Her mother e-mailed me your sight and I have seen it before when I was desparatley searching for some help, but I didn’t believe what I read. Trusting my friend I order a sample and I used it and I saw immediate results. Thank God, it is and answer to my prayers. My husband came home from work and noticed the difference and order the All Stop Eczema Surprised Pack. I am on my way to the mall to tell my friend that has two children suffering with eczema.. – Sherri

“I am excited about a remedy and anticipate an ongoing relationship with this company.”

My daughter who is now 12 years old has suffered with eczema since the age of 1 years old. The eczema became increasingly worse over the years. We tried product after product (including elidel, oatmeal baths, and Eucerin creams) and doctor visit after doctor visit. She was even referred to a dermatologist but I didn’t keep the appointment because I thought that it would be a waste of time. Her neck became so dark, inflammed, and itchy and was a constant source of embarrassment and shame for her. Needless to go into details about the frustration that I felt as a parent. I found your site and ordered a sample of the proecza. I was very skeptical and wondered if all that you claim from your product was true. Within hours of applying the cream, we noticed that the skin began to clear and look smoother. The dark, harsh and rough texture of her neck began to look a little clearer and not so inflammed. As I type this testimonal, it has only been a few hours of using the proecza but I am excited about a remedy and anticipate an ongoing relationship with this company. – Michelle

“I was cleared up in four days. Again thank you for an amazing product.”

I just wanted to first off say thank you for a great product.i hav spent a lot of time and money trying to find relief from eczema.i have tried countless other products with little or no reief.your products really do an amazing job in ashort amount of time.i was cleared up in four days. again thank you for an amazing product. – Robert

“It was literally a ‘miracle cream'”

My son has had mild to moderate ezcema since he was three months old. We’ve tried several products on the market and Proecza has been the only product that has worked wonders. It was literally a “miracle cream”, as it cleared up my son’s eczema overnight – amazing!! Thank you ! – May

“It makes my skin [feel] instantly smoother and is not greasy. WOW!.”

Hi, I have tried everything from, over the counter creams, to prescription ointments. I have excema on my hands that will not go away and my son has it and he has a stubborn area on his face that doesn’t respond to anything as well. I decided to try the proexca cream and I AM TRULY AMAZED! I told my doctor about it, it has relieved and started to effectively treat my sons face as well as my fingers!! I really can’t believe it. I am so happy. It makes my skin feal instantly smoother and is not greasy. WOW!! I am so pleased with this product that i have recommended to everyone I know who has skin issues and am looking forward to ordering many other things from this site, You guys rock!!!

– Kristi

“Within 2 applications Gabrielle had smooth, soft, silky baby skin like… when she was new born.”

My 19 month old daughter Gabrielle has a mild case of eczema that causes her to itch like a mad woman. She would often be so distracted by the itching that she could not play or enjoy the simple things like going to the park. She would often scratch her self to the point of bleeding. At its worst she had the skin texture of a snake with redness that caught others attention. I tried LOTS of other creams, lotions, steroid ointments and soaps. Nothing worked. As a parent you never want to see your child suffer, and thats what was happening. My father got on line and did some reasearch. we found ProEcza and figured we had nothing to lose. We ordered it, recieved it in less than a week and within 2 applications Gabrielle had smooth, soft, silky baby skin like she did when she was new born. I rave about it and share with all parents I know about ProEcza. Thank you for helping my baby, you gave her back her life! – Victoria

“The only products that gives him relief is ProEcza.”

My son is 4 years old and has severe eczema due to his many allergies. We have tried EVERY prescription for eczema that there is. He does not sleep well at night due to the itching and scratching. The only products that gives him any relief is ProEcza. After a couple of days of using these products, his skin is so much better. People that know him will comment on how good his skin looks when he is using your products. As long as he has these skin problems, I will continue to buy ProEcza.

– Jenna

“PLEASE don’t stop making this product. Thank you.”

Hello. I just like to thank you for making this product, PROECZA™, which has worked so well for my eczema in a very short period of time. I had given up and accepted my skin condition as I have tried many products and nothing has ever came close to this, literally making my skin look new. My mom was amazed at how my skin has improved by just trying something new I happened upon by accident. I read one the testimonials on your website which was so moving and I thought I just got to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. I’m back to order more. All I have left to say is PLEASE don’t stop making this product. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Constance B., TN

“your product has been such a blessing to me.”

I just wanted to right you to tell you that your product has been such a blessing to me. My Eczema was getting really bad and I was not sure what to do. So I went on line and looked up cures for Eczema. I found your product. I then ordered one of your packets. I just have to say within days I could feel the difference.
Thanks you for all your product has done for me.

– Lori 10/12/08

“I would scratch myself in my sleep.”

“I am so thrilled about the results that I’ve received with your products! I have been struggling for years with eczema. I can remember as a child, my mother putting ointment on my face on my birthday. I used to wrap my fingers in saran wrap, I had to wear long sleeves so the the desk at school wouldn’t burn my skin. Sometimes the skin burned so badly it would bring tears to my eyes. I would scratch myself in my sleep.

The last time I had gone to the doctors he gave me allergy nose spray and some pill. He then looked at me and said : I don’t know what to do for your skin.

This skin irritation has been an emotional roller coaster. I’ve used your product before and had great success. I was so thrilled that when I saw my mother with a skin condition I gave her some. Then my grown son needed some. I found myself without any product.

Now, I reordered I had to wait a week and my skin got red patches all over my face. What a relief within two days It was cleared. I can feel normal again!”

Thank you, – Carrie James

“I was at the point of desperation.”

“My 6 month old son had eczema since he was 1 month old. His eczema was so sever that I tried all kinds of products including other cortisone products; which just spot treated his skin; it didn’t help prevent the break out from reoccurring. I was at the point of desperation when I stumbled across this web site claiming to treat eczema, I was very impressed by peoples testimonies’ and pictures of their before and after as well as their money back guaranteed (taking into mind I had thrown hundreds down the drain on high hopes to treat my sons skin) which was ultimately what sold my on purchasing this product. The day I received the product was the same day I saw change in my sons skin, all his dead skin had started to fall off from the cream, the moisturizing cream helped smooth his skin out and the spray help protect his skin from further outbreaks. This product did more than sold me it made me a strong believer. After only 3 days of using this product I’ve seen drastic results and my baby is reaping the benefits of your products.”

-Frances Moimoi

“My skin looks healthy again!”

“I was diagnosis with Atopic Dermatitis as long as I can remember. When I had outbreaks, it lasted for months and could not even be controlled from diet, stress management, oral or topical meds. I will send you before and after pictures, because you truly will not believe what your product has done for me. It’s a miracle to say the least. My case is not one that can be healed overnight; however within 24 hours the redness was reduced to pink skin. I had infected scratch marks all over my arms. It took about two weeks to clear 100% of any lesions, redness and dryness. My skin looks healthy again and I now shower with your body wash daily. I feel that my eczema problem had to be one of the worst cases your product ever had to combat. My Dermatologist, Mr. Richardson, is sold on your product and I think he has already started marketing in his practice. Thank you so much for your customer service and your products. God Bless”

-Harold Ivan, California

“Your cream, moisturizer and bath products are the best.”

“I have suffered with an extreme case of Eczema all my life and have tried everything I could put my hands on as long as I can remember. I have visited numerous clinics, dermatologists and specialists still without any relief. Finally, I found All Stop. Within a couple of hours of application, the redness was already leaving my skin and within 24 hours my skin looked totally different. Your cream, moisturizer and bath products are the best I have ever used and it’s now totally GONE after just 4 days! God Bless your company and offering such a wonderful product. I love your products!”

– Diane Frank, Minnesota

“I was shocked at how good I felt after the first shower and the first application of your cream.”

“I must admit I was skeptical… Nothing else worked and I’ve had eczema on my legs all my life. It seems like my flare-ups get worse and they last longer as I am getting older. Sometimes my skin gets so raw, inflamed and swollen; I can’t even stand water on it or even wear shorts. I was shocked at how good I felt after the first shower and the first application of your cream. By the time I went to bed the first night, my skin was already better. I wish I had known about All Stop™ years ago. Thank you so much!”

-Jessie Pullen, Texas

“I would recommend these products to anyone.”

I must admit that I was reluctant to order, but I was desperate. Your testimonials sold me, so I had your products sent overnight. Wow! I was shocked 24 hours later when I saw a huge difference in my skin. It wasn’t even half as dry as it was before! I used your products for about a week and it was all healed up. Why don’t doctors know about this stuff? If anyone has an eczema problem, you owe it to yourself to at least try it. I’m sure glad I did. I would recommend these products to anyone.

– Curtis White, Washington

“The itching immediately went away.”

“As many people as possible must know about this fabulous product! I came across your product one night while searching the Internet. Being desperate and hoping I had found something. I used the product on my arms. The itching immediately went away and within two days my skin was already looking healthier. This is a great product.”

– Debbie V, West Virginia

“Her Eczema was finally under control.”

“Although I was hopeful, but mostly skeptical, I purchased your Healing Spray and your lotion for my daughter. She has been battling Eczema for several years. Within 24 hours I saw amazing results! No itching, no scratching, no oozing! Her Eczema was finally under control. Thank you All Stop”

. – Wendy L, Mississippi

“It has improved his skin tremendously…I love this product!”

“I just purchased my second bottle of PuraCleen Rx lotion for my 14-year-old son. It has improved his skin tremendously. I could not find anything else to help and we even went to several dermatologists. I love this product! Thank You.”

– Tammy, Florida

“It really had taken over my life.”

“I had eczema so bad, it was a continuous cycle of crusting, weeping or producing pus. It often stayed red, hot and swollen for weeks. I was miserable until I started using your products. Not only is my skin almost back to normal a week later, I have already started doing the things I enjoyed doing. It really had taken over my life socially. Thank you Thank you Thank you.”

– Irene Lowe, Nebraska

“I don’t think that there is a product out there with or without a prescription) that I didn’t try.”

“My body is severely scared from having eczema all my life. I don’t think that there is a product out there (with or without a prescription that I didn’t try). I used your creams and body bath and within 4 days my skin was healed and looked soft and healthy again. This is without a doubt a miracle cream. I now use your eczema body wash as a preventative and keep the cream on hand for outbreaks only! Thank You for my amazing relief!”

– Yvonne Martin, Florida

“I had been so disappointed in the past with everything I tried.”

“I received your cream a week ago and boy was I surprised! I had been so disappointed in the past with everything I tried. All the dark pink areas were gone in just a couple of hours and the really red areas were gone overnight. What a remarkable product you have…. Your cream does exactly what you said it would do.”

– Sarah Williams, Illinois

“My dermatologist told me about All Stop™ and that’s when our lives turned for the better.”

“My little Erin has suffered from eczema since he was 2 years old (now 9 years old). We’ve seen every specialist I could find and about $20,000.00 later, Erin still suffers with eczema. I tried every product out there whether it was a prescription, over the counter, an old home remedy, a special Indian formula… you name it, and we tried it. My dermatologist told me about All Stop™ and that’s when our lives turned for the better. After just one application of the eczema cream I could see Erin’s skin healing. For the first time in his life, he slept all night long without waking up! The next morning the red areas were half as red and the lesions were beginning to effectively treat. It’s been a week and Erin doesn’t even have a scratch on him. Thank you so much! We love these products.”

– Susan Miles, Mississippi

“These products will never leave my medicine cabinet.”

“I tell everyone I know about your cream! I’m a Beautician and have suffered with eczema on my hands since I was a teenager. Nothing really worked and when I discovered All Stop™ I had not slept in 4 days. I could not go anymore from the pain and lack of sleep. I immediately got off of all soaps and used only your body wash, eczema cream and the moisturizer. I wore gloves to work and within just a few hours the pain had gone away and within 12 hours I was already healing. A week later, my hands are healed and I’m working without gloves again. These products will never leave my medicine cabinet. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.”

– Brandy Whine, Nebraska

“One or two applications is all that is needed.”

“My baby has a mild case of eczema and when it flares up, it keeps him and keeps us up at night. My mother ordered the product for Trevor when he was in the middle of his worst outbreak. After just the first application I couldn’t believe my eyes! Within 48 hours it was just about all gone! I use it now when I see the slightest outbreak and one or two applications is all that is needed now. Every drug store, dermatologist, hospital, nursing home or eczema sufferer should know about this product. I could have saved a lot of money in the past!”

– Gretchen Haynes, Illinois

“When I saw that your products were anti-microbials, I knew I was on the right track.”

“Your products are the best! My 15 year old has suffered off an on for years with her eczema problem on her legs. Summer time was horrible for her until she started using your products. I don’t usually send testimonials, but I thought others might want to know how your products have changed my 15 year old daughter’s life. She was introverted and was embarrassed to even wear shorts. It’s been 6 months since we started using your eczema products and what you products have done for her moral is a god send. Her skin was completely healed in just 4 days and it hasn’t come back. She showers daily using your antimicrobial body wash now as just maintenance. I read once that the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus seems to bind more to skin inflamed by topic eczema and antimicrobials control the bacteria. When I saw that your products were antimicrobials I knew I was on the right track. Thank you kindly for all your customer support and your products.”

– Gannel Thames, Alabama

“I can finally wear shorts again!”


“It’s taken me awhile to get back to you and I just purchased my second jar of your All Stop™ Eczema Cream so that I can keep some on hand. Just want to say that my skin responded to your products immediately and in less than a week my legs were clear and the sores from scratch marks healed in less than 2 weeks. What a relief your products are. I can finally wear shorts again!”

– Vickie Knight, Florida

“We showed our druggist and he was shocked to see our results.”

“Our family has a history of people with eczema; five other people are my immediate relatives. My aunt, who is on a limited budget, found your product and asked if I would try it first. Your website seemed convincing enough and I received your All Stop™ products the very next day. My eczema is on my abdomen and it’s always raw and inflamed. Twenty four hours later I was calling all my relatives to tell them about your fabulous products. We got together and ordered two family packs. In less than two weeks later, every single one of my relatives, including myself, was 100% free and clear of any signs of eczema; including the dry skin. We showed our druggist and he was shocked to see our results. He is very interested in marketing your products! We have told everyone about your products. Thank you so much!”

– Dee Wiley, Oklahoma

“Maggie slept the entire night the first night we used your products on her which meant we did, too!”

“Our baby, now 10 months is doing great & the All Stop™ Eczema miracle cream & antimicrobial products are doing a fantastic job keeping it under control. Her eczema was always a problem when we took family photos and we didn’t take many pictures of her as an infant. Maggie slept the entire night the first night we used your products on her which meant we did too! Three days later it was gone! Just like that! Gosh, what a blessing your miracle cream is! Thank you so much. Your company has been so kind to us. ”

– Marie Fox, New York

The testimonials above have been unique for each person and are not meant as a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician. Although information and statements regarding our products are true for each person, you should not use this information to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease, or prescribe any medication.