What alternative therapies are available to treat arthritis? What is safe and effective?

What alternative therapies are available to treat arthritis?


What is safe and effective?

There are a lot of alternative therapies available today which are safe and effective to treat arthritis. The following are some of the therapies that are effective to treat arthritis:

Acupuncture is an alternative therapy to treat arthritis wherein dry needles are inserted to specific parts of your body which are called acupuncture points. Its goal in how to treat arthritis is to correct the imbalances of the body and restoring health through the insertion of the needles to acupuncture points.

Asian ways to treat arthritis

Acupressure is another alternative therapy to treat arthritis wherein the fingers are used to press the key healing points of the body. This is effective to treat arthritis and in relieving stress, releasing tension, reducing pain and as well as improve the body’s circulation.

Tai Chi is a holistic movement therapy which could also help treat arthritis that has wide popularity in China, Taiwan, and Japan. Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese martial art that has been adapted to be a mind-body exercise that might help treat arthritis. The goal is to integrate body movements, mind concentration, muscle relaxation, and breathing to achieve the desired outcome. Hence, maybe this will be a big help to treat arthritis. Several styles of Tai Chi exist: chen (quick and slow large movements), yang (slow large movements), sun (quick compact), and Tai Chi Chih (simple repetitive movements). The latter is a style that is popular in the United States and originated in the West. Hence, there could be a lot of ways to treat arthritis.

Therapeutic touch could help treat arthritis.

Therapeutic Touch “is the use of the hands on or near the body with the intention to heal”. One of the assumptions upon which therapeutic touch is based is that illness is an imbalance in the flow of energy or the energy pattern. In this therapy, the practitioner intervenes in the recipient’s energy field to stimulate healing potential.

Therapeutic touch consists of five steps: centering, assessing the energy field, clearing and mobilizing the client’s energy field, directing energy for healing, and balancing the energy field.

This therapy has been used to achieve numerous health outcomes: reduce anxiety, reduce pain, improve the immune system, and improve functional ability. Caution should be used in administering therapeutic touch the very young and very old.

Magnets are another type of energy therapy. One of the prime purposes for using magnets is to relieve chronic pain, particularly back and joint pain. Magnets can be applied via wide belts, orthotics, or in mattresses and pillows.

Imagery is the formation of a mental representation of an object, place, event, or situation that is perceived through the senses. Visualization is sometimes used interchangeably with imagery, but in reality all senses can be used in imagery. The scientific base for the use of imagery relates to the reduction of stress, which is mediated through psychoneuroimmune interactions. Imagery has been used in a wide variety of conditions, including reducing pain, reducing nausea and vomiting, decreasing anxiety and promoting comfort during treatment for cancer. Hence, treat arthritis before things gets worse.