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What research is being done on arthritis?

What research is being done on arthritis?

There is a current about rheumatoid arthritis wherein the scientists are examining the common abnormalities in the immune systems of the people affected with rheumatoid arthritis including some animal models in order to understand why the disease develops and how does it develop. Results from these studies could lead to precise therapies which could halt the inflammatory process during the earliest stages. A vaccine may even be developed to prevent rheumatoid arthritis.
The scientists are studying about the predisposing factors such as the genetic factor which dispose some individuals to develop rheumatoid arthritis. The findings from these studies will help us to understand better the disease, and as well as develop a better treatment plan.

The group of 12 research centers in the United States collected medical information and genetic material from one thousand families wherein two or more siblings have rheumatoid arthritis.

Scientists are also acquiring insight into rheumatoid arthritis’ genetic basis. They are also studying the multiple correlations among the hormonal, nervous, and immune systems of the condition. They are figuring out how the systems collaborate with the environmental and genetic factors. The findings from these studies may propose new and better treatment methods.

Rheumatoid Arthritis greatly affects HER.

The scientist are exploring why rheumatoid arthritis greatly affects the women than men. Male and female hormones and other factors that modify men and women were included in the study in the hopes of discovering clues.

In order to find clues for newer and better treatments, they are analyzing why rheumatoid arthritis tends to improve during pregnancy. A result of one study suggested that the reason may be related to the distinctness of specific special proteins between the mother and the baby. The proteins helped the immune system identify between the body’s own cells and from foreign cells. The scientists figured out that such distinctiveness changed the activity of the mother’s immune system during pregnancy.

Development of Rheumatoid Arthritis

An increasing amount of evidence signify that that infectious agents like the viruses and bacteria could provoke rheumatoid arthritis in people who have an acquired predisposition to the disease. Researchers are trying to find which of the infectious agents are responsible. Also, they are trying to identify the fundamental mechanism wherein the agents would prompt the development of rheumatoid arthritis. And through these actions, lies the possibility of discovering new treatment methods to treat rheumatoid arthritis. That is including new medications, and combination of other medications that could halt or even just slow down the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

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