Would exercise help improve my arthritis condition or worsen it?

Would exercise help improve my arthritis condition or worsen it?

Exercise can help improve a person’s arthritis condition when done the right way and of course moderately. Too much exercise is bad and can damage the joints leading to arthritis. Hence, a person’s arthritis condition is at risk.

Two types of exercise are recommended for a person with arthritis condition specifically osteoarthritis: recreational and therapeutic. Recreational exercise includes hobbies and sports, with no planned purpose other than relaxation. Therapeutic exercise for arthritis condition includes carefully planned activities that are designed to improve muscle strength, muscle tone, and joint range of motion. Therapeutic exercise can also reduce pain and improve the person’s psychological health. Thus, arthritis condition could be prevented from getting worse.

Certain recreational activities may also be therapeutic for arthritis condition, such as doing the breaststroke during swimming to enhance chest and arm muscles. Aerobic exercises like walking, biking, swimming, and aerobic dance are recommended to those having arthritis condition and the like. The ideal time for exercise is immediately after the application of heat. To prevent further joint damage, clients should rigorously follow the instructions specifically prescribed for him/ her. Hence, regular exercise is needed for those having arthritis condition.

The strengthening exercise for arthritis condition:

Another type of exercise for those having arthritis condition is the strengthening exercise. This helps builds the muscles and protects the joints from injury. It has two categories: the isometric and isotonic.

Isometric exercise is a form of active exercise that increases muscle tension by applying pressure against stable resistance. This may be accomplished by opposing different muscles in the same individual, such as by pressing the hands together or by making a limb push or pull against an immovable object. There is no joint movement and the length of the muscle remains unchanged, but muscle strength and tone are maintained or improved.

Isotonic exercise is a form of active exercise in which the muscle contracts and causes movement. Throughout the procedure there is no significant change in the resistance so that the force of the contraction remains constant. Such exercise greatly improves joint mobility and helps to improve muscle strength and tone.

The most important of all the exercises are the stretching exercises. These should be done everyday, especially those having arthritis condition. Flexibility exercises could help protect the joints of the body and lessens the risk for joint injury. These exercises help us get moving by warming us up first before we engage with more strenuous exercises. These can be done in different settings like in the water, land, pool and in the tub. These exercises would definitely benefit you in your arthritis condition.

Exercises for Arthritis Condition

These exercises are excellent in easing the stiff joints during the morning. Examples of stretching exercises are yoga and Tai Chi. Yoga is an exercise that focuses on the body’s musculature, posture, breathing mechanisms, and consciousness. The goal of yoga is attainment of physical and mental well-being through mastery of the body, achieved by exercising, holing postures, proper breathing, and meditation.

Tai Chi is a movement therapy. It is a traditional Chinese martial art that ahs been adapted to be a mind-body exercise. The goal is to integrate body movements, mind concentration, muscle relaxation, and breathing to achieve the desired outcome. Hence, arthritis condition must be looked up.