Are there any complications of Athletes foot?

Are there any complications of Athletes foot?

Yes, there are some complications of Athlete’s foot. Here are the following that may happen:

Recurrence of fungal infection may happen if the course of treatment was not implemented the way it was instructed by the doctor, if the prescribed medicine was not taken on a full course since antifungal medications should be taken completely in order to effectively eliminate the fungi and preventive/ treatment measures on any complications of athletes foot were not implemented as well to prevent the fungal infection from coming back or getting worse. Hence, complications of athletes foot must be well considered.

Some Complications of Athletes Foot

If there are complications of athletes foot, then cellulitis may occur. Cellulitis is an infection of the skin characterized most commonly by local heat, redness, pain, and swelling, and occasionally by fever, malaise, chills, and headache. Abscess and tissue destruction usually follow if antibiotics for complications of athletes foot are not taken. Damaged skin, poor circulation, and diabetes mellitus favor the development of cellulitis. In addition to antibiotics treatment for the complications of athletes foot, warm soaks and avoidance of pressure to the affected areas may be done also.

Lymphadenitis may happen too if there are complications of athletes foot. Lymphadenitis is an inflammatory condition of the lymph nodes, usually the result of systemic neoplastic disease, bacterial infection, or other inflammatory condition. The nodes may be enlarged, hard, smooth or irregular, red, and may feel hot. The location of the affected node is indicative of the site or origin of disease. Hence complications of athletes foot must be prevented.

If complications of athletes foot appear, lymphangitis could possibly occur also. Lymphangitis is an inflammation of one or more lymphatic vessels, usually resulting from an acute streptococcal infection of one of the extremities. It is characterized by fine red streaks extending from the infected area to the axilla or groin, and by fever, chills, headache, and myalgia. The infection may spread to the bloodstream. Penicillin and hot soaks are usually prescribed; aseptic technique is important to avoid contagion. And of course, treatment for complications of athletes foot is necessary.

If Complications of Athletes Foot treatment is not successful…

If the complications of athletes foot treatment is not successful, fungal infection may occur. Fungal infection is any inflammatory condition caused by a fungus. Most fungal infections are superficial and mild, though persistent and difficult to eradicate. Hence, complications of athletes foot would worsen. Some, particularly in older, debilitated, or immunosuppressed people, may become systemic and life threatening. Nail fungus specifically, happens as the infection spreads to the nails causing it to become thick and discolored. The nail bed may become inflamed also and it could be very painful. If it gets worse and causes too much pain, then a nail surgery would be recommended.

Another complications of athletes foot would be dermatomycosis. It is a superficial, fungal infection of the skin, characteristically found on parts that are moist and protected by clothing, as the groin or feet. It is caused by a dermatophyte. So, if you know what are the complications of athletes foot, then it is best to see your doctor for treatment.