Can your eczema creams be used while pregnant?

Can your eczema creams be used while pregnant?


Our All Stop ProEcza cream does contain 1% hydrocortisone.  This is a very mild dose of steroid.

Hydrocortisone can be used while pregnant. Try to avoid using this on large areas of the body or over long periods of time. It is completely safe to use the All Stop Proecza cream daily on the skin if you are pregnant.


All Stop ProEcza Eczema Creams Our Guaranteed Safe!

Hydrocortisone should not be consumed improperly or mixed with any other type of steroid. Once the hydrocortisone is absorbed into the skin, it actually decreases the inflammation, burning sensation, intense itching, and most importantly the swelling. Many people do not know that rated by the FDA, a total of 1% hydrocortisone is one of the weakest topical steroid that can be applied to the skin. Most weak cortisone creams have been used for many years and can continue to be used without a doctor or dermatologist prescription. All of our eczema treatment products are completely safe and non-toxic. They are even weak enough to have been used on infants.




All Stop ProEcza Eczema Creams Facts:

  • Kills Bacteria and Helps heal the skin
  • Stops the Itch
  • Sleep better at night without waking up scratching
  • Safe Products with No Side Effects
  • Safe enough to be used on small children and infants
  • Less stress because you are not using toxic treatments for eczema
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Complete Solution System
  • active Ingredient is 1.% hydrocortisone


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