Does Alcohol Cause Hives?

Does Alcohol Cause Hives?

If after having a drink, do you break out with an itchy rash, swollen skin? If so, you are likely to have alcohol allergy hives. Alcohol allergy hives is rarely being recounted. Getting an alcohol allergy is possible but not typical. Alcoholic beverages contain number of ingredients which can possibly result to allergies and intolerance.

Why does alcohol cause hives on some people?

A reaction to alcohol is caused due to the ingredient in the drinks such as sulfites, malt and many other additives such as yeast. Sulfites are preservatives added to various foods in order to prevent spoilage. Sulfites are known to worsen asthma symptoms, and may result in hives and anaphylaxis in some people. When the immune system recognizes something unsafe in your beverage intake, you are expected to suffer from alcohol allergy.

Skin is one of the largest organs covering the body. It is one of the major parts through which your immune system pushes the waste out of the body. However, hives happens when your body processes the alcohol and produces abundant chemicals to break down to alcohol. Sometimes breaking out hives or swelling after a drink is a signal of illness too. It can happen because of alcohol exacerbation as it is known that alcohol cause hives.
Our body produces alcohol too. This is the reason why allergies are rare. Sulfites, the chemical found in wine and some beers can trigger asthmatic reaction in some people. Nausea, rashes, swelling, diarrhea, and vomiting are other signs indicating some other things found in a drink. Other than alcohol allergy, alcohol intolerance is also a common situation. It is getting an ultra-sensitive to the effects of alcohols on the body. Sometimes, it is accompanied by nausea, headaches and dehydration. If you are prone to alcohol hives, seeking an immediate medical attention is necessary.
In addition, some of the alcohol beverages contain histamines.

Histamine is the chemical released by cells during the allergic reaction. Itchy hives can be caused due to the excess amount of histamine in the body. Experiencing light headed and rapid heartbeat is also a sign of allergic reaction. If the problem continues, seek some medicinal help. It is in this stage that abstaining from alcohol is intensified. In some cases after drinking alcohol, a person can experience severe pain.
Alcohol is believed to worsen the symptoms in the patients who are having hives or urticaria. However, seldom alcohol cause hives.