How Long Do Hives Last?

How Long Do Hives Last?

Are you trapped into something that you wanted to go out? Probably, it is in a form of emotional disturbance, ailment, or pressure related work. In most cases, people hope not to get sick especially if it shows. Hives is an example.

Urticaria, a medical term for hives, is characterized by red, itchy, swollen, raised skin rash which look like a group of mosquito bites. Hives as normally called is a common allergic reaction which can occur anywhere on the body. When one is affected with hives, it is causing much discomfort to the patient. The rashes are accompanied by stinging or burning sensation. Usually, the patients anticipate for its departure.

Hives are a common occurrence, affecting up to 25% of the population at least once in their lives. Approximately 1 in 6 people will develop hives some time during their life and are most common in children. They eventually disappear in most people. They can be short term, lasting only a few days to six weeks, but they can be chronic and last for months or years. They may reappear following infection, when under stress or for no particular reason.  A hives rash can last for weeks if not treated properly, however most cases only last several days or as little as several hours if you are lucky enough to have a less severe hives outbreak.

Since hives can come and go so swiftly, a very significant percentage of cases are never accurately diagnosed. The hives can appear and disappear without any explanation of what caused them or cured them. Skin testing may be used in finding the source; a detailed history is usually more rewarding. The patient can record everything that was ingested or touched for the 24 hours prior to the outbreak and bring this to the physician. Chronic hives can be especially frustrating for patients. They may or not be related to an allergy. In some cases the cause is never identified.

However, hives can shorten its stay if given the immediate diagnosis and treatment. Early notice of the symptoms is such of great in preventing its spread in other parts of the body. Living the healthy lifestyle and diet would free oneself from any allergy or infection. I think, ones sickness or any ailment is derived from the way we take control ourselves. If we are into unhealthy foods, surely our bodies would also give negative response. It is giving us a hint not to continue doing.