What Should I Do When I Come In Contact With Poison Ivy?

What Should I Do When I Come In Contact With Poison Ivy?

If you suspect that you have come in contact with poison ivy, immediately wash your hands and other parts of your body contaminated with the urishol oil. You may use plain soap and water at first and follow with a citrus Skin Exfoliator or Scrub to remove the urushiol from your pores. Urushiol binds to the skin anytime between five minutes up to two hours so if this is done quickly, you may be spared from the rash.

It is advisable to use cold water, if possible very cold water if you can tolerate it since cold can cause vasoconstriction while hot or warm water can cause vasodilation, meaning your pores open and that is very dangerous for urushiol would be absorbed.  Scrubing with a Citrus Skin Exfoliator

If you came in contact with poison ivy, do the following:

After contact with poison ivy, showering is recommended than using the tub so that the washed off urushiols would just go down the drain, than in the tub which could spread the oil and contaminate the other unaffected areas of the body. You may have an oatmeal bath since it provides relief from itching. After showering, be sure to clean the bathroom thoroughly to prevent contaminating others and as well as putting yourself to harm again. When cleaning you should use gloves and avoid splashing water.

Avoid scratching the area that came in contact with poison ivy. If there’s a break in your skin, urushiol may enter there and that would be very dangerous since it would be absorbed in your bloodstream and systemic reactions or anaphylactic reaction will occur. And, due to scratching, infection may occur too since the dirt in your hands contains a lot of bacteria and it will enter your skin.

Wash everything that you used when you went out to the field in order to remove urushiol. These include your clothes, shoes, the equipments used and of course your pet if ever you brought one. Never forget to use gloves when washing them and avoid splashing of water.

Apply cold compress to areas that feels itchy. Cold compress can relax and provides temporary relief from itchiness.

Apply Allstop Poison Ivy Gel to prevent any bacterial infection, heal the blisters and relieve the itch quickly.

If you do not have Allstop Poison Ivy Gel at home, you may use ice cold whole milk as a compress. Not skim milk. The reason is that the fat in the milk is the one which helps dry the rashes and soothes the itch.

Take antihistamines to be relieved from itching but put into mind some antihistamines make you drowsy. If you need to be alert, there are no drowse antihistamines available such as Claritin.

Another option is to apply milk of magnesia to areas that came in contact with poison ivy.