How long can scabies mites live?

How long can scabies mites live?

The full life cycle of scabies mites lasts about 10 to 17 days. They are said to be able to lay eggs for up to two months.

This the average amount of time that scabies mites will live, of course some live for a longer period or shorter period.


Scabies Mites Facts:

  • The Scabies Mites are very small but not microscopic and live for around one month on your body.
  • The scabies mites cannot live very long away from the body.
  • However, scabies also can be passed from person to person in various nonsexual settings in which people live in close quarters, including hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, day-care centers and homes.
  • Scabies mites can survive for about 3 days without a human host.
  • People who have had scabies before usually react within days.


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