Is scabies contagious?

Is scabies contagious?

Scabies is highly contagious. It is spread by person to person contact or contact with infested items from another person with scabies.

When you are treating for scabies it is essential that you treat your home as well as your body.


Scabies Facts:

  • Scabies in humans are caused by mites which are very microscopic and almost impossibly to see by the naked eye without the help of a magnifying glass.
  • Scabies is a highly infectious disease characterized by small pimples which are 1/3 millimeter long.
  • Scabies is caused by Scarcities scabbier, tiny mite, arachnid that burrow under the skin.
  • Scabies is characterized by itchy areas with oozing crusts, small red bumps, superficial burrows, papules, vesicles.
  • Scabies is contagious and can spread quickly through close physical contact.
  • Scabies can appear anywhere on the body although the location often depends on the age of the person.
  • Scabies is very common and if you are suffering from this condition, you are not alone.


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