What if I am the only one in my home with scabies symptoms?

What if I am the only one in my home with scabies symptoms?

Most likely if you are the only one in your home with scabies symptoms this means you were the first person infested with scabies. Everyone else in the house still needs to be treated because symptoms can take 4 to 6 weeks to show on the skin.

If it has been longer than this period of time and still no one in your home has symptoms then most likely you do not have scabies. You may want to get another diagnosis. Another ailment with the same symptoms is skin parasites.


Scabies Symptoms Facts:

  • The scabies  parasites eventually cause the symptoms to begin and you will definitely notice them.
  • The scabies symptoms are caused by the female mites, which tunnels into the skin after being fertilized. The female lays eggs under the skin and continues to tunnel until she dies, usually after a month or two.
  • The scabies symptoms are caused by an  allergic reaction  to the eggs and waste of the mites.
  • The most  common scabies symptoms  include itching and “burrow tracks.
  • A good sign that scabies may be the cause is if several members of the same family or close contacts have the same symptoms.
  • If a person has had scabies   before, he or she is more sensitive and symptoms appear much more quickly, often   within one to four days.
  • Common  scabies symptoms in children  are blisters along with rashes and itching.


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