What is the life cycle of the scabies mite?

What is the life cycle of the scabies mite?


The life cycle of the scabies mite starts when the newly mated female burrows into the skin. The female lays eggs within a few hours. Larvea emerge after three to four days. After emerging from the egg, the larvea moves from the burrow and onto the skin where it finds a hair follicle to use as shelter.

It lives on the hair follicle for two molts. The mites then return to the surface of the skin and the male scabies mite searches for a female mite to mate with. This starts the cycle over again. The entire cycle is completed in approximately 10 to 17 days.


Life Cycle of the Scabies Mites Facts:

  • All stages of the scabies mite live within burrows just under the skin.
  • In the majority of scabies cases, there are only 10 — 15 live mites even though there may be hundreds of bumps.
  • The mite that causes scabies can live in clothing and bed linens for up to a week.
  • The mite that causes scabies are not strong and can’t live long even in normal condition.
  • Scabies causes a rash that appears 2 to 4 weeks after the mites enter the skin.
  • Female scabies mites burrow under the skin, where they lay eggs and deposit feces.
  • Scabies tends to be more common in the winter than in the summer.


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