When should we stop treating for scabies?

When should we stop treating for scabies?

With our scabies products you should start to see results in the first four to five days.  If you do not see improvement, you must call a customer service representative to suggest a new regimen for you to follow.

The length of time for treating for scabies can be different for everyone depending mostly on how long you have been infected with scabies before treatment.


Treating for Scabies Facts:

  • Scabies treatment is widely available and is being in used for many past years.
  • Scabies has a number of myths surrounding its causes and treatment.
  • If you suspect scabies, see your doctor for a skin test and treatment.
  • Scabies is not the same as lice, although the treatment may be the same.
  • Early self-diagnosis should be followed immediately by the commencement of a scabies treatment program.
  • The scabies mite has no relation to body lice , although the treatment of the resulting skin disease is sometimes the same.
  • The scabies remedy and recovery process can be simple and easy if you use  proper scabies treatment methods  to help get rid of scabies.


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