Where do scabies mites normally hide?

Where do scabies mites normally hide?


Common scabies areas are the humid body folds such as armpits, chest, fingers, belt line, inner thigh, genital area and buttocks.

Scabies mites normally remain in there burrows and not on the outside of the skin.


Scabies Mites Facts:

  • The female scabies mites tunnels into the top layer of the skin where she lays 10-25 eggs in burrows that are about 1 cm long.
  • In adults, scabies is often transmitted from person to person by sexual contact.
  • In classic scabies, there is an average of 12 mites infesting the human body at one time.
  • If you have scabies, your doctor will probably give you a cream to spread on your body (any place below your neck) that will kill the mites.
  • People with scabies sometimes develop skin infections due to scratching – signs   and symptoms of skin infections include redness, warmth, pain/tenderness,  swelling and pus at the site of infection.
  • To diagnose scabies, your doctor examines your skin, looking for signs of mites, including the characteristic burrows.
  • You can get Scabies by skin to skin contact with a person that is already infested.


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