Head Lice and Over the Counter Treaments

Most over-the-counter remedies for Head Lice do not work because today’s Head Lice have developed resistance to their ingredients. This fact has prompted scientists to breed mutated colonies of Head Lice in order to determine how they’ve developed this resistance so that future remedies can counteract it.

“‘Mutant’ head lice treatment hope”

From BBC News:

“The most common treatments for head lice use permethrin. But recent studies have shown that resistance to this chemical is as high as 50% in some Los Angeles schools. Among one group of migrant workers living in Florida resistance was 98%.”
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Remember, though, that All Stop’s Liceadex™ superior formula does not contain any of the toxic ingredients, like Lindane and Permethrin, that today’s Head Lice have developed a resistance to; our products have always worked effectively and always will.