Head Lice and Your Environment

Eradicating Head Lice from your home, car and office is just as important as treating yourself and your family. Unless the lice are completely eradicated from your environment, you will be susceptible to re-infestations over and over again.
If possible, it is also important to try and figure out where, or from whom, the infestation was contracted. By knowing the source of the infestation, you will be able to either make sure that the carrier is informed of what they have (in case they do not know or realize that they have Head Lice) and promptly treated. It will also enable you to avoid situations where you could become re-infested.

Benzalchonium Chloride is commonly known to be effective against Lice when cleaning or disinfecting your environment. This ingredient is used in hospitals and in the medical community for numerous things. You can either get this disinfectant locally or you can get it directly from All Stop. It’s your choice!

Also, it’s important to cover your mattress with a plastic mattress cover in order to prevent re-infestation. Additionally, it’s imperative that the sheets are washed in hot water and then in the dryer on high heat to get rid of the lice each night before you jump in bed. You can get a plastic mattress cover locally or you can get a disposable one from All Stop.