Head Lice Treatment Takes Two Steps

Head Lice is something that a person can catch by just being at the wrong place at the wrong time; it does not mean that you are dirty. We hope that you are not still suffering with this problem but, regardless, we thought you might appreciate a little information on the correct way to treat for Head Lice.


Treating for lice is a 2-STEP process and, if not done simultaneously, you may not be successful in eradicating your problem.

  • First treat for the Head Lice on your head.
  • Second treat the lice in your environment, meaning your sheets, carpets, furniture and clothes. Additionally, hair pieces, combs, brushes, caps, hats and stuffed animals should also be treated.

You must remember to thoroughly treat your environment once you have eliminated the lice in your hair. Otherwise, recontamination will occur! All Stop offers LICEADEX-eX for treating your environment and items as needed.

The use of bed bug mattress covers, disinfectants and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is commonly used to treat for lice in your environment. All Stop offers these products for your convenience at affordable prices.