How Are Lice Spread?

Head Lice are transmitted from person to person contact, including sharing bedding or clothing like hats, and can move along at a rate of 12 inches per hour. Transmission occurs most often when people are subjected to crowded conditions and thus infestation is common in families, dormitories, nursing homes, hospitals, schools and other such institutions.
It is also possible to acquire a Head Lice infestation via inanimate objects, such as contaminated items of clothing, hats, bedding, towels, combs and brushes, coats, scarves, and upholstered furniture. Lice do not jump or fly from one person to another. They move around by attaching their claw-like legs to hair shafts and pulling themselves along.

Lice are attracted by warmth and odor. They are dependant upon a human host for survival. Head Lice will die in about 48 hours without a blood meal from a human host.