More Head Lice Home Remedies

Enzyme treatment for removing nits: The chemical make up of the “glue” that holds the nits on the hair shaft is not completely determined. It is an exceptionally stable substance similar to cement that is not prone to degradation by chemicals. There are no studies that show enzymes to be affective in removing nits.

All Stop’s LICEADEX™ Gel completely dissolves this “glue” ON CONTACT. No painful nit combing sessions are required. It just runs down the sink when you rinse!

Apple cider vinegar for lice: An old household remedy for lice says that you can use wine or apple cider vinegar and water to wash with. There are no studies showing that this works at removing lice or other lice. A note of caution: you can however end up with mild acidic burns from straight vinegar.

Remember it is important to also treat your environment thoroughly with the All Stop Professional Steamer and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) if you or your family comes in contract with Head Lice.