Are You Really Depressed? See How to Cure

A Full Information About Depression

Depression is one of those medical illnesses that directly affect the brain. The feelings toward a person himself and others change in depression . In depression there is a state of deep sadness, negative thoughts, self-moral is very low and pity behavior for a person himself. He has complains towards the surroundings and himself. If something is wrong he blames himself for it . He has miserable feelings for himself and if the conditions prolong he may commit suicidal attack. In most cases high expectations, which were not being fulfilled cause depression . For instance death or being apart from loved one and goals not achieved due to some hurdles are major causes .

Depression Symptoms

A depressive person can be identified by some symptoms that are major . Knowing these symptoms a patient can also cure himself to come out of depression . Some basic symptoms are anxiety, lack of interest, lack or excess sleep, restlessness, low morale, disturbance in appetite either lack or excess of desire to eat and headaches and pains. Any of these symptoms can identify that a person is suffering from depression and he needs your help.

Treatment of Depression

A mild depression can be cured with the passage of time but a severe depression needs to be cured as soon as possible . Depression can be cured in different ways. Some of them are discussed below.

Self Analysis

A very best way to treat depression is self-analysis . If you are clear that you are in depression you can divert your attention to the things you love to do . Prefer to be doing work most of the time keeping you busy. This will help you not to think over the aspects that trigger depression.


You can also go to the psychologist . You need to consult a psychologist who by the help of counseling therapies will find out the major reason of your depression and help you give suggestions to get rid of it.


At extreme level of depression medication is preferred . A psychiatrist is the one who suggest medicines that will decrease depression and sooth his metal conditions .

Almost every person encounters depression at some stage of life. At every stage of life most of us feel depressive but extreme depression can be dangerous for a patient and his family too . So cure it, to be in a happy mode of life .

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We are in the midst of a 2nd Great #Depression. The only reason you don’t see breadlines is because of the EBT card!/Paleocrats

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RT @RarestFacts: Girls who have more guy friends than girls go through less depression and anxiety.!/SaraPricex

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RT @MR_STiXX: I believe it. RT @FreshPriiincess: Hmm RT @BeIieveOrNot: By 2020, depression will be one of the leading causes of death and disability.!/CandyShepherd

by @carly_forrester
RT @jamie_costa: If you haven’t experienced anxiety or depression you’ll never understand that it’s actually a chemical imbalance in your brain #dontjudge!/carly_forrester

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