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Should You Use Lindane Lotion To Treat Scabies?

Is Lindane Lotion safe for humans? You may have heard that one of the common cure for scabies, and even prescribed by some doctors, is Lindane lotion.  However, you should be aware that lindane lotion is not safe for humans.  True, lindane lotion kills the scabies mites because it is toxic to them.  But do…

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What Causes Night Itching?

Possible Causes of Night Itching Night itching can be caused by a lot of different things.  They can either be caused by allergies, a skin disease known as Psoriasis, possible liver problems, menopause, and extreme heat. Is there a cure for skin allergies that cause itching at night scalp itch? Whatever the cause, night itching…

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Experiencing Itching at Night? It Could be Scabies!

Terrible itching at night You may be experiencing itching at night time.  Itching at night can be caused by a lot of things, including allergies, sunburn, liver problems, and psoriasis.  If you have ruled out the above-mentioned causes, you may need to look into other possible causes. One common cause of itching at night is…

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