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Bounce Your Way To A Firm Bum And Abs

Using A Trampoline For Your Exercise

Who wouldn’t be a fan of trampoline workouts? They’re tremendous fun, bouncing around like a kangaroo with the hiccups while getting a great CV work-out at the same time. Classes on Trampettes, mini trampolines, have been popular both in gyms and with people working out at home for a few years now but now there’s been a revolution!

Skyzone is a new facility which is growing in popularity among trampoline clubs in America so it’s only a matter of time before they become well known in the UK. At Skyzone dozens of 10 or 12ft trampolines are tied together with padding in between. You have different zones, for example there’s a cardiovascular and fat burning area where just jogging on the spot gets exhausting very quickly but running from tramp to tramp straight into a wall which, as luck would have it, is a tramp as well is phenomenal!

If you’re just beginning with trampolining as an workout program start out with jogging and then move on to standing jumps. These are obviously the most basic of all so once you’re comfortable with them and confident that you have control then move along to seated jumps; jumps where you simply land on your rear and then stand again. Once you begin working out on the trampoline you’ll realize that because you’re working against the tension you burn off up to 30% more calories more than you would in a regular gym class.

Facts About Exercise

  1. Exercise can make your blood sugar drop up to 12 hours after you are done.
  2. Exercise is an integral part of any spondylitis program, along with good posture habits and medication to reduce pain and stiffness.
  3. Exercise is such a high priority that it is important to make time for it each day (even 5-10 minutes during a work break is helpful).
  4. Exercise is not the sole determinant of health any more than diet is.
  5. Exercise or planned physical activity then becomes that much more important.

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Informational Video That Can Help Your Exercise Program

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