New Study Finds Botox Effective Treatment for Depression


Washington, DC (PRWEB) May 15, 2006

effective treatment for depression

Effective Treatment for Depression

Dermatologist Eric Finzi, MD, PhD, and psychologist Erika Wasserman, PhD, conducted a study that found Botulinum Toxin A, commonly known as Botox, to be an effective new effective treatment for depression clinically. The results concluded nine out of ten clinically depressed patients who were treated with Botox Cosmetic for glabellar frown lines (between the eyes) were no longer clinically depressed two months undergoing this effective treatment for depression. The effective treatment for depression study is published in the May 15, 2006, journal edition of Dermatologic Surgery by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.


Effective Treatment for Depression

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), an estimated 10 to 25% of women and 5 to 10% of men will develop a major depressive disorder at some time in their lives thus need an effective treatment for depression. External symptoms often include facial muscles that create a distressed or sad appearance: furrowed brows, raised eyebrows, or anxious expressions thus need an effective treatment for depression.


Dr. Finzi initiated an open pilot trial to determine whether inhibiting facial frowning by injecting the wrinkle treatment Botox could be effective treatment for depression symptoms. Finzi created the trial after learning that patients with paralyzed facial muscles often had difficulty feeling sadness thus need effective treatment for depression. He also noted that significant depression diagnoses showed up in patients with very strong frown lines thus need effective treatment for depression. Interestingly, early scientist Charles Darwin suggested that facial muscle and skin movement may contribute to our moods and emotions. “Having treated hundreds of people with Botox Cosmetic to correct deep furrow lines in the brow, I knew that the muscle could be relaxed and thought it therefore possible to be an effective treatment for depression,” said Dr. Eric Finzi.


Dr. Erika Wasserman evaluated ten clinically depressed patients between the ages of 36 and 63 who met the effective treatment for depression study protocol which required moderate to severe depressive symptomatology (according to the guidelines of the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) and the Beck Depression Inventory II (BDI-II) quantitative test). The pilot study on effective treatment for depression accepted only patients who had never previously received any Botox or Botulinum Toxin A treatments. Dr. Wasserman re-evaluated the patients two months after they received effective treatment for depression and administered a repeat test. At that time, Dr. Finzi also confirmed the absence of glabellar frown muscle activity thus conclude Botox an effective treatment for depression.


Effective Treatment for Depression

The effective treatment for depression study found that nine out of the ten patients treated with Botox were no longer depressed two months after treatment, and the tenth patient reported an improvement in mood. “These findings on the effective treatment for depression are very promising, and it is my and Dr. Finzi’s hope that a larger scale study will be conducted,” said Dr. Wasserman. Dr. Finzi added, “This effective treatment for depression is a safe and potentially excellent way to help millions of clinically depressed people who are not responding well to drugs and psychotherapy treatments.”


Botox Cosmetic manufacturer, Allergan, did not fund or participate in this effective treatment for depression study.

Are You Really Depressed? See How to Cure

A Full Information About Depression

Depression is one of those medical illnesses that directly affect the brain. The feelings toward a person himself and others change in depression . In depression there is a state of deep sadness, negative thoughts, self-moral is very low and pity behavior for a person himself. He has complains towards the surroundings and himself. If something is wrong he blames himself for it . He has miserable feelings for himself and if the conditions prolong he may commit suicidal attack. In most cases high expectations, which were not being fulfilled cause depression . For instance death or being apart from loved one and goals not achieved due to some hurdles are major causes .

Depression Symptoms

A depressive person can be identified by some symptoms that are major . Knowing these symptoms a patient can also cure himself to come out of depression . Some basic symptoms are anxiety, lack of interest, lack or excess sleep, restlessness, low morale, disturbance in appetite either lack or excess of desire to eat and headaches and pains. Any of these symptoms can identify that a person is suffering from depression and he needs your help.

Treatment of Depression

A mild depression can be cured with the passage of time but a severe depression needs to be cured as soon as possible . Depression can be cured in different ways. Some of them are discussed below.

Self Analysis

A very best way to treat depression is self-analysis . If you are clear that you are in depression you can divert your attention to the things you love to do . Prefer to be doing work most of the time keeping you busy. This will help you not to think over the aspects that trigger depression.


You can also go to the psychologist . You need to consult a psychologist who by the help of counseling therapies will find out the major reason of your depression and help you give suggestions to get rid of it.


At extreme level of depression medication is preferred . A psychiatrist is the one who suggest medicines that will decrease depression and sooth his metal conditions .

Almost every person encounters depression at some stage of life. At every stage of life most of us feel depressive but extreme depression can be dangerous for a patient and his family too . So cure it, to be in a happy mode of life .

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Helpful Products That Can Cure Or Prevent Depression

Learn The Tips On Depression

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Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment Of Depression Video

In light of the Mental Health Awareness Month, Depression Author asks, “self-help books if you extend your depression?”

Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month

Kennebunkport, ME (openPR) April 6, 2006

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month “to win the war” (May), Bob Olson, the author teaches suffer from depression, why self-help books may be prolonging their suffering.

Olson warned: “The problem with self-help books is that the authors distinguish between normal and depression, if the claims that their methods of self-help the reader fails to overcome her depression, since treatment of normal and clinical. Depression is different, understanding this distinction is for the 20 million people who suffer from depression and supports its 100 million friends. “

 Mental Health Issues

Olson suffered with periodic, clinical depression most of his life without realizing it. It lived about 3 depressive episodes per year from 2 to 3 months. Since his “clinical depression” resulted from a chemical imbalance in the brain – a brain disease that is not really biological, psychological – he needed medication to eliminate balance of these chemicals in the brain and its depressive symptoms . The day he found a medication that her depression, all symptoms disappeared Olson lifted and not more than 11 years.

Mental Health Goups

27 years ago Olson asked for help for her depression in the self-help books – non-physicians. All these books touted taught techniques for overcoming depression, but no difference between depression “normal” and “clinical.” Normal Depression: Olson was mainly explained by these books because of their demands for a solution to depression, but not mislead than to offer a solution to provide a kind of depression. Olson is sure that medical help for months or years earlier, had he known there was a difference. have


Bob Olson is an author, lecturer and promoter of mental health on topics of clinical depression and bipolar disorder.Mental Health Awareness Month.

Anxiousness Treatment Methods

Anxiety A Sensation Of Fret, Concern Or Apprehension

Even though stress and anxiety is mostly a regular response in specified tense instances, anxiety symptoms are regarded as a wellness trouble when it continues to arise when a person won’t possess good reason to experience anxious.  When anxiety indicators develop into serious, it might interfere that has a person’s ability to function routinely on the day after day foundation.  Panic treatment can use many ways, depending to the perceived root within the panic along with the person’s desire.

Most of the people who find stress and anxiety treatment solution comprehend their feelings of stress and anxiety became disruptive to their lives.  Anxiety Symptoms remedies is generally cognitive, pharmaceutical or healthy.  The selection of panic remedy for virtually any specified particular person needs to be personalized to his physical condition, symptoms, and lifestyle.

Signs and symptoms of panic can manifest by themselves emotionally or physically.  Ordinarily, anyone affected by anxiousness experiences a combination of equally psychological and bodily indications.  The commonest indications and symptoms of nervousness include restlessness and irritability, problem concentrating or concentrating, reduction of rest or appetite, and diminished decision-making capacity, and impaired judgment.  Other indications could arise because of these indicators.  As an example, the absence of food and snooze could bring about poor health and wellbeing plus a compromised immune program, doing an anxious person get rid of fat and leaving him susceptible to ailments.

On looking for medical awareness for nervousness, somebody would be subjected to some bodily investigate up along with a psychological screening.  The goal of these procedures might possibly be to determine or rule out the probable induce from the nervousness.  Selected hormonal problems may just be triggering the nervousness.  In a few individuals, an overactive thyroid may very well be generating the induced sensation of apprehension.  In this instance, stress and anxiety cure could entail medical procedures over the thyroid and/or prescription of thyroid-regulating prescription drugs.

Pharmaceutically-based anxiety cure consists of the usage of anti-anxiety prescription drugs categorized as benzodiazepines.  Whilst the outcomes of pharmaceutical panic therapy are steady and predictable, they could lead to unwelcome unwanted side effects and have a significant possibilities for bodily and psychological dependence.  Consumers taking benzodiazepines and also other medications for anxiousness procedure need to be supervised by their doctor through the whole course of remedy.

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Critical Tips On Anxiousness

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I can’t be eating my feelings cause these brownies don’t taste like restless anxiousness they taste DELIGHTFULLY GOOOOOD!!/FRECKLESamaris

10 Important Facts About Anxiousness

  1. An anxiousness attack can come about at any time to these who suffer from this disorder.
  2. Managing the anxiousness degrees you experience each and every day can seriously change how much time spent coping with your nervousness symptoms.
  3. There’s also the anxiousness of how the date will react for the young children and this has to play a crucial portion in regardless of whether there will likely be a second or third date.
  4. For many people, anxiousness is due to being concerned about things that haven’t occurred but.
  5. When people knowledge anxiousness, every single tiny issue, even trivial issues are magnified a hundred instances.
  6. A lot of of us have expertise an anxiousness attack and never ever knew it for what it actually was.
  7. If you suffer from anxiety disorders, anxiousness is your permanent companion, and it’s always whispering dark thoughts in your year and making you experience all kinds of sensory delusions.
  8. Despite being mostly a psychological condition, anxiousness can manifest in hundreds of ways, many of which are completely physical.
  9. One among the causes that the initial date is so anxiousness filled is the fact that the possibilities of a second date rest virtually solely on what transpires around the very first date.
  10. Using nutritional supplements are a fun way to manipulate your anxiousness and will support assist suitable entire body performance.

Informational Video On How To Overcome Anxiousness

A Gift of Sight: Visual Perception Treatment for Autistic Children

Autism results each youngster differently, so it is difficult to discover the true treatments the youngster should deal with his or her symptoms. One factor which results most autistic kids (however, not all) is problems with visible perception. By employing most standardized procedures to assist boost visible knowledge, it is easy to offer your child the ability to see the world much more evidently, producing understanding and comprehension easier and perhaps curbing some behavior troubles as high.

Autistic kids mostly have complications with sensory build-up and distortion. These are some of the same complications many folks not undergoing the dysfunction develop, and a lot treatment choices have become available. Those with autism often discover, having said that, which the sensory build-up of the world due to light, hues, distinction, designs, and patterns, is too considerably to handle, inflicting them to act out or shut down in general.  This is often a genetic ailment which is merely improved by the autism, so if the baby’s dad and mom have hassle with studying or have been normally handled for visible perceptive troubles, there is a great chance which the baby should help as well.

The Irene Method is one effective way to deal with visible understanding disorders. Doing so method utilizes color to produce a more harmonized industry. You may have learned of these approaches if any individual has previously recommended utilizing a colour purge at the time of the page when studying to be able to read better and much more quickly. This proceedure is established to work, and if your autistic child is at the maturity level of reading, you may need to try these colour filtration system to see if there is a big difference in pace and comprehension. Nevertheless, it is far more most likely which your autistic little one will take advantage from coloration filtration during the whole day, not just once reading. Exceptional glasses possess been produced using coloured lenses to conquer doing so problem. Not every youngster responds a similar way to each and every coloration, so it is a procedure of trial and mistake to uncover that colour is the one obstructing the damaging burn. It is possible to additionally choose to use colored burn bulbs in the residence to improve autistic those with their visible viewpoint troubles.

This method mostly aids youngsters in 4 areas: depth perception, sociable interaction, understanding, and bodily well being. The colors help the child figure out how far he or she is from an object, and the industry becomes more three-dimensional, helping depth knowledge. Sociable interplay additionally increases simply because the baby thinks as however he or she is in a calmer industry and can much more clearly see and interpret skin expressions. The colours generate it possible to learn, particularly when reading, and entire, the kid will sense better, simply because it aids lower complications and dizziness. By testing doing so method and others to help visual perception issues, you can help your child much better cope with the industry and his or her autism.

Desire Autism Service offer Autism Therapy & Autism Treatment for mind dysfunction that usually is present through a youngster’s initially three many years and endures all through one’s lifetime.

Your Diet Plan Can Have A Big Impact On Your Anxiety Issues

A Diet Plan To Help Battle Anxiety

Anxiety is a thing that effects virtually every person at one point in time. However for some individuals, this is almost something that happens each day, and something they have accepted as a way of life. However by selecting the proper kinds of foods you will find that you will be able to help to lessen the amount of anxiety you have every day.

The first thing you should attempt to steer clear of if you have troubles with anxiety is caffeine. People use caffeine to try and give themselves a fast increase of energy but they don’t think about the reality that it boosts your heart rate. This will additionally cause you to end up receiving less sleep which can additionally cause you to be more susceptible to having anxiety problems. Another thing you should recognize is that you do not just find caffeine in coffee as it is in addition in soda as well as chocolate. Once you reduce or perhaps eliminate your caffeine intake you will probably find that your anxiety issues will end up decreasing.

Another thing that you should avoid will be the over consumption of alcohol beverages. Not only will alcohol effect the quantity of sleep you get but you will in addition realize that it will dehydrate you. When you end up with these types of side effects of drinking you will realize that they can also trigger your anxiety and also make the episodes worse. Your anxiety troubles can be greatly lessened if you opt to refrain from drinking any kind of alcohol.

One thing that can in fact help you to loosen up when you are having anxiety is to eat complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates including potatoes and pasta, will end up taking longer to process, and this will help to keep your blood sugar levels at a steady level. If you have a lot of pasta you will discover that you are normally calm and maybe even tired afterwards, this is for the reason that carbohydrates like this may be generating more serotonin in your brain which has a very comforting effect on your body.

Plenty of fruits and vegetables or vitamin supplements can also be great for your anxiety. Vitamins like your B vitamins, will additionally help your body to create serotonin. Vitamin B-6 is particularly vital to increasing your serotonin levels. But it is not just the B-vitamins you should make sure you’re getting enough of, as all the necessary vitamins and minerals can help your body function as it should. As I am sure you must recognize, if your body is properly nourished, it’ll be in a much better position to help you cope with any anxiety you may have. If you end up taking vitamins, you should make sure that you take them together with a full glass of water and drink plenty of water each day. This will help to make certain your system is not dehydrated.

Although there are many other things you should make sure your body is getting each day to help battle anxiety, these few suggestions should start getting you on the correct track. Many men and women have reported that following these suggestions has made it possible for them to live a far more normal life with diminished anxiety problems. You may additionally come to realize that these little changes is all you may have to do to help yourself get control over your anxiety issues.

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Facts About Weight Loss Diet

  • Weight loss diet tips are effective if you can differentiate between fads and legitimate advice that works.
  • Weight loss diet tips are not prepared to evade you from your favorite foods.
  • Weight Loss Diet and Exercise are the only solutions to lose weight.
  • Weight Loss Diet Meal Plansserve to help you lose weight rapidly.
  • A weight loss diet program that is gaining popularity in the weight loss industry is the program created by Dr. R Cohen.
  • A weight loss diet needs to provide adequate nutrition and a good variety of foods as well as a reduction in calories.
  • A weight loss diet is one that ensures you burn more calories than you consume.
  • Its weight loss diet set up dictates that when your body is free from significant food stuffs within the morning, it will do its job of digesting additional efficiently for the remainder of the day.
  • This weight loss diet is not only effective in helping people address their weight loss issues but it also helps those who are diabetic or are afflicted with other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism that demand continuous calorie monitoring along with restricted food intake.
  • Fast weight loss diet plans are often the only way to get into that beautiful dress for the big event soon.

Helpful Video To Loss Weight

The Many Factors In Choosing The Right Nutritional Supplement For You

There are various natural supplement products being manufactured nowadays. Many of these items are being made round the world too. If you happen to be thinking about purchasing these products to enhance your health, make sure you certainly do your best to find premium products to take. The following tips will help you find premium producers and high quality products.

One of the very first elements of supplement products you should look at is the source they come from. The source of these items regularly dictates their quality. If you are looking for the highest quality products you can find, you will likely want to select supplements which have been manufactured in a part of the world that makes a specialty of providing the type of nutritional supplement you happen to be interested in.

The company as well as the process they use to manufacture their inventories can also be very important. By reviewing the company that is offering the supplement you happen to be considering, you are able to uncover a great deal of details about the production processes they employ, where their ingredients are sourced from, and even what other consumers think about the quality of their products.

Once you have reviewed the source of the products you are considering purchasing, make sure you evaluate the actual supplements themselves. Health food supplements can differ in a variety of ways. Some manufacturers include ingredients in the supplements they make that do not benefit your body, while other companies do everything that is possible to ensure that all of the ingredients they offer to their clients can benefit their bodies.

Purity is also one of the utmost concerns of customers in the modern age. There are many reports of companies promoting products as a specific type of supplement while only placing a minute amount of the supplement within the products they provide to their clients. By reviewing the ingredients which have been included in the items that you are buying, and the reputation of the company you are obtaining your products from, you will likely be able to discern whether or not you are buying what you think youíre buying.

Even if one company is actually selling top quality and pure items to their customers, you should still take time to determine whether or not the ingredients they’re selling really benefit the body. By reviewing scientific journals, studies, and reports, you are able to easily find the health supplements that will greatly benefit your body. By taking the time to obtain substances which will really make you healthier, you will be certain that the dietary supplements you are investing in should truly help your body.

Whereas the products themselves usually are the primary reasons why clients buy the goods produced by specific businesses, the actions of businesses can also play a central role in one’s decision making process. If you want to benefit certain causes, or you would even like to purchase merchandise from a business which is helping keep the environment clean, you can easily come across an organization that is green and supports the causes you prefer to support before you make a purchase.

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Essential Beauty Tips & Acupuncture

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