Diabetes Diet Overview

Diet plays a key role in controlling your blood sugar. A healthy-eating plan tailored to your needs will do that and more. Majority of people affected with diabetes are overweight or obese. In fact, your risk of getting diabetes increases the more weight you put on.

So controlling your diet can be the key to reducing the risk of diabetes as well as improving your symptoms if you are already affected by this disease people often refer to as “the silent killer.”

Diabetic Diet

If you are having diabetes, it doesn’t mean that you should start eating special foods or depend on only strict diabetic diet plan. In most of the case, it is simply switching to a variety of foods in moderate amounts but following a fixed timing.

You should not follow a complicated diabetic diet plan, rather your diet should comprise with a wise selection of nutrients and low in calorie and fatty contents. There are two essential factors that you must not forget while preparing your diet plan. One is eating foods at regular time every day and the second point is the selection of healthy food in right amounts.

Carbohydrate counting is a crucial part for healthy diet plan, especially if you are on insulin medication. In fact, fat and protein counting is not as important as carbohydrate counting is. But that doesn’t mean you should not be careful enough about the fat or protein intake. High calorie and high fat always increase the risk of various health complications including cardiac problems, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Diabetic Diet Plan and Goal

Diabetic diet plan differ from person to person due to our daily nutritional needs and type of diabetes a person suffers. Following are the most common type of diabetes diet:

Type 1 Diabetes Diet – Type 1 diabetes always requires insulin treatment, the main focus is to find a balance between the food intake and insulin.

Type 2 Diabetic Diet – Type 2 diet focus on controlling weight in order to improve the body’s ability to utilize insulin. In most cases Type 2 diabetes can be controlled through proper diet and exercise alone.

Gestational Diabetes Diet – unlike the Type 2 diet, gestational diabetes diet focus on adequate energy and nutrients to support both the mother’s body and growing baby while maintaining stable blood glucose levels for the pregnant mother.

Diabetic Guidelines

1.    Drink plenty of water (to aid in kidney function).

2.    Aim for slow but sustainable weight loss.

3.    Eat little and often – this helps keep blood sugar levels even.

4.    Don’t eat less than 25% fats, as essential fats will help to slow down absorption of the meal.

5.    Try to eat plenty of fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables.

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10 Facts About Diabetes Diet

  1. In diabetic diet follow these daily serving guidelines.
  2. Portion control is the most valuable weapon in your arsenal to combat blood sugar highs.
  3. A diabetic diet plan can help you lose weight, control the symptoms of your diabetes, and possibly one day decrease or eliminate your need for medication to control your diabetes.
  4. The Diabetic Diet is a balanced diet for help with diabetic treatment.
  5. In diabetic diet meal plans, vitamin and nutrient supplements play an integral role.
  6. The Diabetic Diet is not so much a weight loss plan as it is an eating program to assist with the maintenance of blood sugar levels.
  7. The diabetic diet should be accompanied by aerobic exercise and sacrificing television for 60 minutes of outdoor activities per day.
  8. A diabetic diet can be very helpful if you have this condition and need to make some dietary and lifestyle modifications.
  9. The diabetic diet wants to make sure of the prevention of acute and long-term complications, provide optimal nutrition and physical activity while considering personal and cultural preferences of the person.
  10. Proper diabetic diet should be considered with proper percentage of protein…

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