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With the popularity of antioxidants ever since its breakthrough, there’s no question that individuals move their heads when they perceive or snatch a peek at the term ‘antioxidant.’ Typically they would ask, ‘what in the world is an antioxidant and why is this term so utilized against most cancers?’ Later on, they’d end up scratching their heads with no thought on how good antioxidants really are for the human body.

First things first, allow us to seek for a better description to highlight antioxidants. These antioxidants are generally elements – that greatly rewards one’s body – by keeping and suppressing foreign bodies from hurting and endangering one’s body. Free radicals are by-products of the oxidation method that occur in body. This so-called oxidation is the process that concerns the breakdown of the food that we eat, the refreshments and juices that we drink, the air we inhale, and the habitat that we’re always exposed to. Such environmental elements that can pose like a danger as well as a threat to the rampant multiplication of free radicals within the body are radiation, smoke, poisons and toxins. If there is an increase in the quantity of free radicals within the body, such substances ultimately damage a cell and initiate a series of reactions that affect other cells triggering impairment and death. Futhermore, they may begin another phenomenon that would then be life-threatening to the human race, and that is cancer.

Upon provided with the previous awareness, the next issue that people might then ask is ‘where can I acquire these so-called antioxidants?’ It’s simple. Go on a brief tour to the marketplace and go directly to the fruits and vegetables section. Those numerous green, orange, yellow, red as well as other radiant colors that look pretty enticing for your eyes are the very sources of our hero. Hence, it’s imperative that you include vegetables and fruit into our diet to add all those antioxidants in. Not only do we have the factors to battle against cancer and other conditions, we are also endowed with the wondrous army that maintains the immunity process strong, keeps our skin vibrant, assists the body keep homeostasis or balance, and makes us joyful in and out.

But when uncertain that you could get all of the outlined on your diet, you could opt to another option and that is offered by your nearby pharmacist-these are what we refer to as antioxidant health supplements. Now that we understand where you can get antioxidants, another important concern comes into view, ‘what do I obtain from consuming these antioxidants? Do you know the health benefits?’

Very well, actually, there are a variety of benefits you may get through antioxidants! The primary role of these antioxidants is to reduce the effects of free radicals by oxidizing themselves, therefore avoiding the proliferation of free radicals in the body. Another benefit you obtain is you are constantly supplied with other nutrients that are necessary for the body. The second but best part yet, is that it enables you to lessen and slow aging, to help keep that vibrant look glowing from head to foot! Still in doubt? Go ahead, try to notice for yourself…and be very impressed that you have just revealed yourself a longer life span.

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Facts and Information About Antioxidant

  1. Ascorbic acid(vitamin C), which is easily obtained from citrus fruits, is a well known natural antioxidant, as is vitamin E, which is plentiful in seeds and nuts.
  2. Antioxidants in foods are a valuable addition to a healthy diet and steps can be taken to preserve the antioxidant content of foods until they are ready to be ingested.
  3. Diets high in vegetables and fruits, which are good sources of antioxidants, have been found to be healthy; however, research has not shown antioxidant supplements to be beneficial in preventing diseases.
  4. Antioxidants include beta-carotene, and the vitamins A, C, and E.
  5. A randomized factorial trial of vitamins C and E and beta carotene in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular events in women: results from the Women’s Antioxidant Cardiovascular Study.

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