How Breast Cancer In Men “Behaves”?

Breast Cancer In Men And Its Symptoms

breast cancer in men
Male breast cancer occurs rarely but breast cancer in men happens when there is uncontrolled growth of cells in the breast. Although is more common in women, there are still some percentage of men who suffer from it. Breast cancer in men usually occurs in men who are in their sixties and seventies of age. Signs of breast cancer in men includes discharge from the nipple, swelling, skin dimpling or nipple retraction. Breast lumps are also associated with breast cancer in men and it is easier to detect in men than it is for women. Breast cancer in men occurs because men have less breast tissue than women.

Breast cancer in men must be treated ASAP!

It is very important to have breast cancer in men detected early so as to get treatment started as soon as possible. This will also help in preventing the cancer cells from spreading to other tissues. In addition, breast cancer in men survival rates the same as for females if they are both detected at the same stage. It is very important for communities to begin supporting groups advocating breast cancer in men.

Breast cancer in men tends them to fail in recognizing any symptoms for fear of stigmatization. Since breast cancer is considered a woman disease, and keeps most males into shyness and they could not admit that they could be suffering from it.

Q&A on breast cancer in men

question Cristian : How Breast Cancer in men “behaves”?

I discovered that men have breast cancer. However, the nodules appear suddenly? How does it manifest itself? If there is something behind the nipple, and hard to the touch, a little sensitive, it is possible that something other than a knot? ? Any ideas?

Best Answer:
response by Peter Marshall Booker
I checked my breasts once a month, you can never be quite sure so see your doctor for accuracy.

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  5. Many different types of cancer are able to metastasize to the bones.
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