In light of the Mental Health Awareness Month, Depression Author asks, “self-help books if you extend your depression?”

Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month

Kennebunkport, ME (openPR) April 6, 2006

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month “to win the war” (May), Bob Olson, the author teaches suffer from depression, why self-help books may be prolonging their suffering.

Olson warned: “The problem with self-help books is that the authors distinguish between normal and depression, if the claims that their methods of self-help the reader fails to overcome her depression, since treatment of normal and clinical. Depression is different, understanding this distinction is for the 20 million people who suffer from depression and supports its 100 million friends. “

 Mental Health Issues

Olson suffered with periodic, clinical depression most of his life without realizing it. It lived about 3 depressive episodes per year from 2 to 3 months. Since his “clinical depression” resulted from a chemical imbalance in the brain – a brain disease that is not really biological, psychological – he needed medication to eliminate balance of these chemicals in the brain and its depressive symptoms . The day he found a medication that her depression, all symptoms disappeared Olson lifted and not more than 11 years.

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27 years ago Olson asked for help for her depression in the self-help books – non-physicians. All these books touted taught techniques for overcoming depression, but no difference between depression “normal” and “clinical.” Normal Depression: Olson was mainly explained by these books because of their demands for a solution to depression, but not mislead than to offer a solution to provide a kind of depression. Olson is sure that medical help for months or years earlier, had he known there was a difference. have


Bob Olson is an author, lecturer and promoter of mental health on topics of clinical depression and bipolar disorder.Mental Health Awareness Month.