Increasing Popularity of Golf and Tennis Results in More Cases of Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

tennis elbow

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) August 31, 2006

Around the globe, people of all ages are playing golf and tennis in increasing numbers and the popularity of these sports is soaring. Great lifetime sports, golf and tennis help people stay fit and have fun as they age.

Unfortunately, both sports can cause a painful condition called tennis elbow (a form of tendonitis). Tennis elbow are caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm.

Tennis elbow leads to inflammation and pain around the elbow joint. In fact, tennis elbow is the most common injury in patients seeking medical attention with the complaint of elbow pain.

Tennis elbow is an overuse injury – technically called lateral epicondyle – that affects the tendon on the outside of the elbow. Tennis player are associated with tennis elbow as it is most commonly occurs due to the constant stress on the tendon from hitting 1000’s upon 1000’s of balls. This stress can be compounded by mistiming the ball, especially on the one handed backhand. Interestingly the incidence of tennis elbow is far less common in double handed backhands.

“I really stepped up my golf game this summer and was out on the course at least three times a week. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I had quite a bit of pain over the outside of my right elbow, particularly when I lifted objects,” Cam Huber, 40 from North Carolina explains.

He continues: “I finally visited my doctor, and found out that I’m suffering from tennis elbow. He suggested pain relievers to help the pain and exercises to help control my symptoms of tennis elbow. However, I’d like to try magnetic pain relief therapies of tennis elbow so that I can get back to the game I love.”

After a busy, active summer, sufferers like Huber want relief from tennis elbow that doesn’t come from pain medications. Thankfully, there is magnetic pain relief available with the only patented magnetic pain relief technology developed by Dr. Bakst for tennis elbow.

“For suffers of tennis elbow, magnetic pain relief is available with our forearm device and also the elbow device. Pain relief for tennis elbow is immediate because the magnetic brace disrupts the pain signals before they can get to your brain. That way, you body never registers any pain about tennis elbow,” Dr. Bakst states. “We are proud of our U.S. patent for pain control and are committed to helping people achieve magnetic pain relief from tennis elbow through our wide array of products,” Bakst concludes.

As summer warriors continue to tackle golf courses and tennis courts in record numbers, incidences of tennis elbow will continue to rise. For those wanting instantaneous relief from tennis elbow, without the use of drug,magnetic pain relief is an attractive alternative.

About Magnatech Labs Inc:

Magnatech Labs, Inc., was founded and established by Dr. Alvin Bakst in 1994. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to researching effective methods of alleviating and eliminating pain in the body like tennis elbow without the use of drugs or invasive medical procedures. It has received the only U.S. patent for pain control issued by the U.S. patent office (5,707,333).

Magnatech Labs, Inc. has developed and now manufactures the highest quality magnetic pain relief products available on the market using both ceramic and neodymium magnets placed in a supportive neoprene material to provide maximum comfort and support of tennis elbow.