Morgellons Disease – We can help!

free sampleIt seems here at Q-Based Healthcare we are seeing an all time increase in the amount of people suffering with Morgellons disease. Most often these customers feel they have no one to help. They have already been to several doctors who have either misdiagnosed them with scabies or have sent them to counselors for delusional parasitosis. These people feel as if everyone thinks they are crazy. As the customer service manager, I have stressed the importance to my crew about listening and identifying with these customers. Most of them have no one to turn to and all they really want is to start feeling better. I would imagine it is one of the worst feelings in the world for no one to believe what you are saying is real.

Our research and development team, DermatechRx, has been thinking about ways to help assist our skin parasite customers. One item they have been working on completing is a social community where Morgellons sufferers can get help from each other. Most skin parasites victims ask about other people with the same symptoms they can talk to. In our Morgellons and Collembola community we have made sure you have the ability to chat with other sufferers, post blogs about recent developments or treatment techniques, post pictures or videos of you and your loved ones and even comment to each other about recent posts and blogs.

Through this community is one way that Q-Based is trying to give back to our skin parasite customers. Some of the customers that we have informed about this project have already started communicating with each other and posting blogs to release information about treatments that are working for them and pictures of some of the lesions they are working to heal. We think it is very important our skin parasite customers have other people they can talk to about what is happening to them and the latest information about what products are helping with Morgellons treatment. My customer service team is working hard to inform everyone about a place they can go to get help in a world that is so easily shunning them from existence. You can visit our Morgellons Support Community at