Morgellons Symptoms On Your Scalp & Hair

Morgellons symptoms can many times be diagnosed with a wrong diagnosis and can easily fit into many illness profiles. It regularly take years to culminate morgellons symptoms into maximum Morgellons Disease.

Symptoms of Morgellons can occur on and off over time while the disease seems to go into remission and then resume again. Lyme Disease shares the same symptoms as morgellons.  To Cure Skin Parasites is what many are looking for.

Morgellons Symptoms are often commonly associated as being “nothing,” disregarded or misdiagnosed. Even worse, victims are often given a diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis leaving the person feeling abandoned and isolated from the rest of the world.

It is concluded that pets also experience Morgellons symptoms and in certain circumstances the symptoms are fatal. For the most part, numerous physicians, medical professionals and veterinarians are perplexed of the symptoms of Morgellons. At this time there is no medicine to cure nor is there an official cognet code for insurance companies. Studies is currently under way but getting results from testing labs are slow.

A detailed symptoms list is compiled to offer support for people to self diagnose themselves. The testing results is compiled from sufferers with actual experience of the detestable disease. This article only provides morgellons symptoms in the scalp, hair and brain.

Head and Hair symptoms – Morgellons Symptoms in the head includes a series of lumps and sores that don’t heal. Several “channels” or burrow like lines on the scalp are also seen . Headaches are also common. Hair appearance is normally stiff, brittle and dry. The hair converts into a Wiry and uncontrollable while the wiry hairs replace healthy hair. Both the texture of the hair and hair color usually changes. A Small splash of clear gel that is a sticky substance is usually located at the end of the roots and is clinging on the hair shaft when the hair falls out.

Brain and Personality symptoms – Short term Memory loss is very similar and commonly linked with Brain fog. Unclear thinking and the thought process becomes very unmanageable and Unable to think. An example is not capable to think of words when communicating and Writing. You become unable to concentrate muchless able to bring outl with symptoms similar to ADD/ADHD. It’s not uncommon to experience Personality changes such as lack of creativity or loss of current skills.

I want to continue providing information on morgellons symptoms in my next blogs and offer meaningful information on what you can do to relieve those symptoms in an effort to live a normal life. Additionally I will share with you what other people are doing to relieve themselves with regular household products.