New Skin Parasite Breakthrough

Getting Rid of Skin Parasite

 skin parasite If you suffer from skin parasites, unexplained fibers, and ugly dermal tunneling scars beneath your flesh you know the agony and alienation of chronic parasite infestation. We applaud your courage and want to help you end this tragic personal violation immediately. No one deserves to live in the endless cycle of organic assault by an aggressive parasitic colony.

What if you could kill the parasites living in your flesh and shut down their breeding cycle with a few simple steps? Would you do it? Would you do it today? Of course you would. Well we’re here to tell you, that day has come.

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Skin Parasite Treatments

Expert Research Continues to provide good working treatments for many ailments, but unfortunately because of the powerful mutability of parasitic skin mites, most conventional healthcare researchers will not touch skin parasites with a ten-foot-pole. In fact, most doctors won’t even acknowledge that Morgellon Syndrome is a real affliction!

This kind of backward thinking is devastating to the masses of real people living with this real problem. Luckily, things are changing. Your time has come!

Backed by years of constant research into Morgellons Syndrome, Q-Based Healthcare has been involved in active development of new methods to treat this searing emotional nightmare. Not content to sit on past accomplishments, they have gone beyond their own highly effective product line to introduce a bold new treatment based on their recently released Liceadex® Lice Treatment System.

Developed in Q-Based labs to address the rapidly growing problem of chemical-resistant strains of ‘Super Lice’, Liceadex® Lice Shampoo is changing lives all over the world as well as breaking records in customer satisfaction for a Lice Treatment Solution.

But the most exciting development came when our R&D Team Leader decided to test the product on other human parasites. In every case, the results blasted our expectations out of the water! This gentle, non-toxic, pleasant smelling shampoo crippled and killed every single insect-based lifeform we tested it on.


Then the real test came. She decided to see if it could give relief to the tens of thousands of Morgellons Sufferers and Skin Parasite Hosts we have helped over the years. A series of blind tests were done and product was released to a controlled number of known chronic parasite sufferers. The reason you are reading this now is because those tests resulted in an AMAZING 96% success rate.

Unexpected Results = Tears of Joy

Those results were awesome enough and I can’t begin to tell you how excited we were. What we did not expect was the overwhelming outpouring of heart wrenching, emotionally-charged gratitude that came from our test subjects — some of whom have been fighting Morgellons and tenacious Scabies colonies for years!

You can and will escape skin parasites.

We won’t give up and we won’t let you give up. Reach into that inner space where your own personal power resides and you’ll know that what I’m telling you is from the heart. Your life is a wreck because of these vicious little invaders. We don’t have to tell you about the bottomless pit of despair you look into every day you live with Morgellons.

Best Skin Parasite Remedy!

morgellons cureThe Best Value for an individual treating an advanced case of Skin Parasites. Cleanses the skin to combat the Skin Parasites living on you, and gets rid of the Skin Parasites living in your environment to eliminate the chance of getting infested again.

  • (1) 8 oz. / 236 ml Healing & Protection Spray
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Our non-toxic and penetrating Healing & Protection Spray attacks the bacteria, viruses and fungi where they originate, in the deeper skin layers while providing itch relief!