Scabies Mites and Night Itching

Scabies Mites and Night ItchingA Problem on Scabies Mites and Night Itching

I talk to people with scabies everyday and the most commonly asked question is “Why Me?” People assume that just because they bathe regularly they cannot catch scabies. This is a common misconception. Scabies is highly contagious and therefore easily contracted by personal contact. Scabies symptoms due to scabies mites usually starts out as a pimple like rash and is usually extremely itchy. Most of our customers complain about not being able to sleep at night because the itching is uncontrollable caused by scabies mites. Usually the scabies mites are more active at night. Sometimes scabies mites are biting you from being re-infested in your mattress.

Why do people Suffer from Scabies mites and Night Itching

Another reason that people have trouble diagnosing scabies is because scabies mites are microscopic. Scabies mites cannot be viewed with the naked eye. Some customers report they can actually see the scabies mites, however it is not actually the scabies mite they are seeing but the remaining feces and bodily secretions of the scabies mites once they burrow into the skin. Most of the scabies mite burrows will make zigzagging shapes in the skin, which can be another symptom of scabies. Our most popular products used for scabies treatment is our non-toxic lotion for scabies. The surfactants in our scabies products cause the scabies mites to dehydrate and die. We even have many customers who order Mitactin by the gallon or half gallon. The Mitactin is good to use anywhere on the body. Some most common spots to have scabies symptoms on the body are where body parts meet causing more heat to be generated. The scabies mites are attracted to body heat. Symptoms usually occur on the arm pits, genital areas, wrists, ankles and behind the knees.

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Scabies Mites and Night Itching Experience

I received a call last week from a woman who was stating that she is having rashes on the skin and is feeling like things are biting(scabies mites) her. She needed suggestions of scabies products that would work fast and safely on her. She has a lowered immune system and was scared to use the doctor’s toxic treatment of Permethrin Cream because she read the side effects online. I assured Ms. Taylor our scabies medication is complete safe and non-toxic. She decided to give our products a try because she was not able to sleep at night because of the biting and itching. She also needed something for her home so she purchased a mattress bag and our PuracleenRx Disinfectant Spray.She was bite by scabies mites.

Ms. Taylor from Atlanta Georgia called me back today and let me know she is feeling much better and the biting of the scabies mites has finally stopped and she is able to sleep at night again. She was so happy! I was so excited that I was able to help her with getting rid of scabies.