Should You Use Lindane Lotion To Treat Scabies?

Is Lindane Lotion safe for humans?

lindane lotion

You may have heard that one of the common cure for scabies, and even prescribed by some doctors, is Lindane lotion.  However, you should be aware that lindane lotion is not safe for humans.  True, lindane lotion kills the scabies mites because it is toxic to them.  But do you know that the same is also toxic to humans?

Lindane lotion poses a health risk to us, humans.  It kills mites, but it also harms us. Lindane lotion has caused seizures, and even death, in some cases of prolonged and repeated use.  Some even experience seizures when using lindane lotion for the first time. It is not worth a treatment to risk our lives on.

Are there alternatives to Lindane lotion?

A good thing for us is that there are a lot of safe and non-toxic alternative scabies treatment to lindane lotion but you must be careful to choose the most safest and reliable scabies treatment.  Not only are they safer, they are also more effective.  You don’t need to sacrifice your health just to get rid of your scabies.  You can find safe and non-toxic scabies treatment on the internet.

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Stop using lindane lotion to treat scabies

If you care for your health and safety, you should stop using lindane lotion to treat scabies.  Even you don’t react negatively to its use, your body is absorbing the toxins and you never know what adverse effects it may have on your health that might pop up a few years after use.  Scabies can be a pain to people who have them, but just know that there are treatments that are safer than lindane lotion.