What Causes Night Itching?

Possible Causes of Night Itching

night itchingNight itching can be caused by a lot of different things.  They can either be caused by allergies, a skin disease known as Psoriasis, possible liver problems, menopause, and extreme heat. Is there a cure for skin allergies that cause itching at night scalp itch? Whatever the cause, night itching causes  can be mild to severe and can even interrupt sleep.  If you experience night itching, you may want to look into the following things:

Night itching caused by allergies

If you experience it, it could be caused by allergies or an allergic reaction the beddings or the mattress.  You can either be allergic to the fabric itself or the soap or fabric softener used on them.  Try changing out your beddings and see if it subsides. what causes your skin to itch especially at night?

Night itching caused by Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is characterized by scaly, red patches that are found all over the body.  They are mostly found on the ears, scalp, skin over the bony areas of the body, and the genitals.  This disease causes it because the patches come in contact with bed covers.

Night itching caused by possible Liver problems

Liver cirrhosis is also a cause of itching.  This disease causes bile byproducts to travel to the skin, causing it to itch.  The itchy skin becomes more noticeable at night.

Night itching caused by menopause

Night itching during menopause is a very common problem.  This is due to the fact that the skin becomes dehydrated and dry during menopause.  If the person going through menopause does not consume enough fluids, the skin becomes very dry and itchy and the itch is more noticeable at night.

Night itching caused by extreme heat

If your skin has become overexposed to the sun during the day, chances are, you will experience night itching.  Ski that has become sunburned is dry and can be very itchy and uncomfortable especially during night time.

night itchingWhile night itching can be caused by a number of different things, we should not take it for granted.  See which of the above causes is most applicable to you and address them to get rid of night itching. What could be the best itchy night skin cream?

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