Question by hbuckmeister: Who is really to blame for the obesity “Problem”?
I say its not fast food restuarants. I say, its people so used to getting everything so easy and this comes back to how they were raised. Don’t you think we live in a society where we blame our past but never take responsiblility of how we handle our future? Do you think we live in a” Point the finger at everyone else for our problems” and never take the time to point the finger at ourselves? I say its people not taking more action at the way the Government offices should investigate people who claim disablility, yet out raking the lawn and playing basketball per say. Claiming they have limited mobility. Free loading has got to stop!!!!!!!!! No wonder we are all getting fat. Back in the good ole days, they didn’t worry about obesity, they worried about making a living and getting off thier butts to do just that. They had no government to sponge off then. How, did we get to this I ask?

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Answer by Persephone
I agree. I think that many people are very lazy and won’t take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

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