Hives and Bacteria Thyroid Disease

A link determined by researchers between Chronic Hives and bacteria and thyroid disease has prompted the use of antibiotics and thyroid drugs such as Levothyroxine as treatment, producing positive results.

“Chronic Hives, Rashes Associated with Bacteria, Autoimmunity: Antibiotics or Thyroid Drugs May Be an Effective Treatment for Urticaria”

“Researchers discovered that the antibiotics given to the ulcer patients to rid them of the H. Pylori also cleared up the chronic urticaria (recurring hives)….The researchers concluded that thyroid autoimmunity may be associated with chronic urticaria in some patients who are euthyroid, and that treatment with thyroid hormone can result in remission of their urticaria….The lower thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) level with treatment did have a direct relationship to the reduction of symptoms, however, leading the researchers to speculate that an inflamed thyroid gland may be releasing something that causes the urticaria.” To read more of this article, click here.